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New Music & Talk Podcasts not working with Spotify Connect

New Music & Talk Podcasts not working with Spotify Connect

I really like the new Music & Talk Podcasts (like "Nate & Mike Talk Music" or "Rock this with Allison Hagendorf"). they have been created with Anchor and the creators can add music from the Spotify Library. Unfortunately these Podcasts do not work with Spotify Connect (devices are greyed out). Does anybody have an idea why that is? Thanks.

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For some strange reason podcasts don't work on Spotify connect devices, a lot of users would like to see this feature but as it is seen as mixed media and a request needs enough votes in a limited period of time, this is not seen as an important enough by users or by Spotify this has been so since 2018.... I keep upvoting requests, there have been to many .... this just needs a programmer to write a code if mixed media> music.... give the chap a pint and he'll be happy.

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