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Spotify for Podcasters - Won’t Extract Audio from Video


Spotify for Podcasters - Won’t Extract Audio from Video

  • Hey everyone,


I’ve been doing my podcast for several months now via Spotify for Podcasters. It’s been working fairly well so far, but my most recent episode is having trouble. It is a video format, but it’s taking forever to extract the audio for the episode. 

Had anyone else had this issue? I’ve done this before but it seems stalled for some reason. I’ve let it run for about 15 minutes with no progress, I’d really like to finish eating without having to re-record.


Any tips would be appreciated!

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I had the same problem. I let it run for 10 hours while I slept and no luck. So, there’s definitely an issue. I’m going to try to find a safe online audio extractor and go that route. Good luck. 

Hey Brethren, 


i went to which I’ve used in the past to bump up volume and it was able to extract the audio. I then was able to upload it to S4P. I think that’s what I’m going to do forever. What’s your podcast? Mine is called “What’s So Funny About…?” 

Thank you so much! Mine is called Mike’s Millennial Falcon, I invite friends on and discuss a wide range of nerdy subjects.

I’ll check it out. Mine is a comedy podcast. I’m about to launch a hilarious Thanksgiving Episode,

I found it. Listening now. I have a website

Hi! I'm having the same issue right now :(( and my podcast episode is supposed to air tomorrow, yet I'm not sure what to do. Have you had any success with it so far?

Somebody else suggested and that seemed to work pretty well!

Ahh I see, thank you so much! 

I use this to also edit my podcast so I can't edit it, anyone else know of a way to edit it and then upload rather than use S4P?


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