Country change problem with Family account


Country change problem with Family account



Hi guys, 

I would like to ask your advice with my account. The problem is the following: 

1. I was living in NL so the country in my profile was changed from Hungary to NL at that time and

2. Additionally, I had a premium account

2. After I moved home and I switched to free account as my sis invited to a fam account

3. Waited 3 days to make sure that I have the free account again

4. Although, I am not able to join due to the address, even if we wrote exactly the same 

5. The weird thing is that at the profil overview site says my country is still NL, but when I want to edit it, I see already Hungary under country  




Many thanks, any help would be highly appreciated!



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Hey @denise_HU92, help's here.


Could your try updating/refreshing your country settings through another device, and make sure you're not using VPN?


Let us know if that works out better!