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How to work this?

How to work this?

So I've just recently upgraded to premium family, and added my mum, I plan to add my girlfriend to my plan also. However I can't seem to work out how to see the different profiles, and how to share music between the family members. I've tried checking the forums for more answers but recieved nothing but links from years ago, which are either broken or closed and I'm unable to read them. There should be a better laid out tutorial as to how you set this up, for people who aren't as tech savvy and have no idea how to work their phone.



Premium upgraded to Family




Sony Xperia/PC - Samsung Galaxy

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Unknown/Windows 10 - Unknown


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Hi @RJ_B


You can invite or remove members by logging into your Family page

The invitee needs to log into (or sign up for) their own account to open an invite.

If they're on the same device, make sure to log out first. 


For more info on Premium Family I'd recommend this Support article.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Thanks for answering those questions. However I have a couple more. First one being, there's been no "Family Mix" playlist coming up, and my mum still recieves the ad for buying premium, which she already has as she's in the family account. Are those problems on my end or an app error on spotifys end?

Hi @RJ_B


If you’re new to Spotify, Family Mix needs to get to know you first. Expect to see it filled with your favorite songs after around 2 weeks of listening. 


You can find your Family Mix by:

  • clicking the Home section under Made For You (with all your Daily Mix playlists, Discover Weekly and so on), 
  • searching for Family Mix

Your music doesn’t appear in Family Mix until you join. 

You can join Family Mix  at or in the mobile app - tap the three dots on Family Mix playlist, then select Join Family Mix


Here's an article on Family Mix as well.



To  make sure your mum has premium subscription, she can check the status of her subscription by going to her account page and scrolling to Your plan

Just make sure that the login and password to her Spotify account is entered. 


It's also possible that she might be logged into the wrong account. It's possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own login details, saved music, and subscription plans. 
She can check to see if she has any other accounts here

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