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Login while travelling trouble

Login while travelling trouble


Actually Free, mostly Premium


 Orginally Brazil, now UK


Moto G 5

Operating System

Android Oreo


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 I am travelling, since December 19th, and I've always used my Spotify normally

But recently my family signature expired, and we couldn't pay yet

Since yesterday i can't use my Spotify because it says that Spotify only work for 14 days abroad, but if I update my location, ill be kicked out of the family signature.

How do i solve this?

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Hey there @NicolasJ_,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Hope you're having a good time on your travels.

- Free accounts can be used abroad up to 14 days with no limits.

- Premium accounts can be used everywhere in the world without location or usage limitations.

- Addressing family plans, they can only be used in the area and physical country they were created and signed at.

As each and every user needs to have his own premium account listed for the plan to work properly, i'd suggest using a user's own account as it has no limitations to it when traveling.


Safe travels, 

let me know if you need any further help 😃

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