Me, my wife and Alexa


Me, my wife and Alexa

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Really simple question, I think, and should be a simple answer. I use Spotify on mobile phone when I am at work, the gym, in the car, etc. I have Spotify setup on our Amazon Echo and Dots at home. Everything works great.



When my wife decides she wants to listen to music at home on the Echo, I lose my stream on my mobile. So I upped my service level to Family Premium. And now I gotta have an entire separate Individual account on the Echo? Is that right or am I missing something?


So the same thing happens if I want to use an Echo in the kitchen and a Dot in the bedroom.


Really, I've had a decent relationship with Spotify, and I don't mind paying for it.

I don't mind paying extra to have it everywhere. But if I gotta set up B.S. fake email addresses just so every smart device in my house can use it, I'm out.





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Hi there @poncarob,

thanks for posting about this !


You're right, this is indeed a simple question.


For a Premium for Family plan to work correctly each member must have their own individual account and reside by the same address.

Meaning, the plan has one owner inviting their Family to enjoy a Premium account while using their own accounts without paying (only the owner pays).


Spotify does not have a subscription allowing one account streaming to multiple devices which explains you loosing access while another user plays.


Upon using separate accounts on your Family plan, you wife would be able to stream her music to a desired device at home while you use yours in your car.


Hope this shed some light.

Feel free to ask any further questions you have 🙂



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Thanks for the reply. I guess my question is actually "Do I have to create
an email address for my Echo so that it use Spotify separately from my
phone?" Is there no way to create another account, a sub account, attached
to my email address?

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I tried creating new email addresses for the various devices when I upgraded from Premium to premium Family. It started to work but then it started to collapse because the email addresses were created on a PC and not on the device itself. Unfortunately, the android devices that I wanted to include came with an undeleteable Spotify app (so I could not reinstall Spotify from the ground up) and every time I tried to update that it to Family via the invitation link, it eventually reverted back to the original Free version. In the end, in order to protect my sanity, I gave up and went back to the standard Premium on three devices account. Really crazy.
I now have a lot of email addresses. I have never come across anything so complex to arrange, Spotify seem to have a problem with straightforward logic