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Premium Account - Military Family

Premium Account - Military Family



I would like to start a Premium Account for my family.  My son who lives with us is active duty Military but will be stationed next month.  His residence will continue to be our address but he will be living at different locations.  His next duty station may not be the United States, but his primary address will continue to be our address.  Does an active duty military person that moves a lot qualify as a family member?


This website ( ) does not discuss active military family or primary residence.

Thank you.



1 Reply

Hey @TwistedAdmin, welcome to the community!


Just as you said, all users must reside in the same physical address to join the Premium for Family plan.


Since your son lives with you, he'll be able to join the plan without any trouble. Once his account is Premium, he can take it anywhere around the world and continue using it as usual.


All the best.

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