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[All Platforms][Other] Student Premium Account Reverification

[All Platforms][Other] Student Premium Account Reverification

I got an email today asking me to "Reverify to keep your student discount." On the account page as I've seen a few other people on here say, there's no actual way to reverify your account. That is, at least not until your student account expires and then you have only a few days to THEN sign up and verify your student account - per Customer Support. So this makes me wonder a few things;

  1. Why is the reverification email sent out in the first place a month ahead of when we actually need to reverify the account?
  2. Why is there no possible way to reverify UNTIL your account has expired?
  3. Why only give a few days to reverify the account before getting charged the Base Price?

From experiencing this, it would seem like it would make a lot more sense for there to be;

  1. Actually be an option for students to reverify their account after receiving the email.
  2. Be able to reverify their account and extend the duration of the student premium while the account is still active.
  3. Have more than a few days to do so, maybe within the last month - two weeks seems reasonable? I don't see why not.

Hope this helps, not sure how much these posts/ideas are read and this is my last year of being able to get the student discount, but I feel like this would be very beneficial for students to come!

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