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Can't Sign Up for Spotify Student

Can't Sign Up for Spotify Student


I'm trying to sign up for Spotify student account but every time I try to verify (entering name college etc.) it brings me right back to the offer page. I've tried from different browsers and on iPhone and Mac but nothing works. 

Please help me!

I'm trying to redeem the 3 app offer (Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime). I already have a hulu account premium but I can't figure it out from there either.



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I am also having the same problem! I do not have a Hulu account, but I am getting sent back to the original page each time. Good luck!

I have the same issue. After putting all the infomormation in and then submitting, it just takes me right back to the frong page. Ive tried both Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

I'm having the same issue too! I was just trying to renew and verify but it keeps shooting me back to the home page and I got charged for the regular premium subscription

I'm having the same issue, even when I try other browsers from my normal one (Chrome). I was really excited to sign up, so I hope they fix this issue soon!

Tried to renew student subscription as well and it is taking me back to the offer page.  I have contacted SheerID and have received not response from them.  This is very inconvient on a weekend loosing access to Hulu.

I got in touch with Spotify's customer service on Twitter, and we found a workaround (at least, a workaround for me) that might help you guys.


You can do a manual verification form through SheerID themselves at by filling out your information as normal. With any luck, you should be verified if you meet all the criteria (worth mentioning, if your school isn't a part of their system, you'll have to wait at least 30 days for actual manual verification). From there, you should be able to go back into the offer page (like we've all been trying to do before now) and it should bypass the first step entirely, taking you into the second step, which should be confirming the account you want to use, and then giving you access to the offer.


I don't know how this will work with re-verifying your account, but I can say from experience that if you're signing up first-time, this should work.

This worked!


Or you can torrent a crack version or visit GitHub and get a blocker for ads. I tried multiple times to sign up for student account and Spotify doesn't care to help. So I don't care to pay...

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