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Did not get premium for student

Did not get premium for student






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         On 12 April, 2019, I verified my free spotify account for premium for student. And after it I got mail for student discount and I immediately applied that discount and paid for prepaid plan for 12 months. Since, I did all of this from mail link not on spotify app account. Since, then I haven't got my premium account but I am afraid that after 1 month, spotify will charge for next month. I tried to delete my subscriped plan but my account is still showing free plan.

          Please, help me to deactivate my plan even though Spotify can't seem to show my plan. 

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If Spotify shows that you have a free plan, they're probalby not charging you for it. It's possible that you didn't actually make the payment. If you're in doubt check with your bank if Spotify's been charging you and if yes, ask them to cancel the direct debit. That way you'll be sure that no montey will go out of your bank and you can reapply for a Spotify student premium account.


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