Getting charged when i havent been given premium

Getting charged when i havent been given premium

I habe tried to get premium spotify as a student and have not recieved it yet. My bank statements claim several payments are pending? How do i cancel this subscription or recieve my premium?

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Hello @Jmason09 and welcome to the community! 


A temporary charge goes through even if the student verification was successful or not. But it is only temporary charge on your credit card and they should disappear in a few days. 


The only charge that you actually have to pay for is if you were successfully verified for the student discount.


The verification process takes a while, so please wait a few days. 



Feel free to contact me if you need any further information 

Have a nice day 🙂 

Thankyou for getting back to me. I am a little bit worried how many time i will be charged as i tried to put my details in a few times and it said it was unsuccessful and looked at my online banking and had 6 pending payments. Just making sure i wont be charged 6 times if and when it finally comes through.

Any idea how long it takes before i will have premium spotify? It says i have been verified but still have not recieved premium.

Kind regards

Thank you for your reply @Jmason09.


You should reach Sheer ID customer support, because whole verification process is up to them. 


Let me know how it works

Have a nice day 🙂

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