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No notification about my student deal being expired

No notification about my student deal being expired





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Hi I was using the student premium deal for a while now and I have not received any notifications about my student deal being expired. Normally you would receive a reminder mail. This time I got none. So Spotify started to charge me the full 9,99€ price for October, even though I was technically still a student. I had to renew it and my question is, if I can at least get the 5€ back for October? 

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That doesn't sound right. I can't guarantee anythng, but you could try contacting SpotifyCares through either of these:

Tell them what's going on and your username and they'll do their best to help! 🙂


If you'd like more information on refunds, just check this support article out!

Have a good day!

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2nd time this happens to me. It is a cheap shot cash grab scheme. Contacting support won't help. Spotify does not care about you. Canceling my subscription.

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