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Not monthly payment


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On the August 31 2023 I subscribed for Student premium for 75 Pesos and I thought that the next billing would be September 30 or something because it's a monthly subscription. But I looked at the "billing" on the app and it says my plan would automatically renew on September 19, 2023 and would charge 75 Pesos again. So I got only 19 days of premium instead of a month.

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Hey hey @Schneizer15,

This is a bit unusual, you do have a point!

What I would first do is double-check the date of my receipts.
If you have recently switched plans (which can bring the payment day forward), this may also be the reason for the earlier charge.


Should everything be ok with those two though, I'd suggest reaching out to our support folks, who can check what is going on with your account backstage! 🙂 

Keeps us posted on how things go!

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