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 I have gotten a notice that my Premium for Students is in need of renewal but everytime i need to reinput my card and college it says it is not verified but i have been using it for already a year now so im confused on how im suddenly not verified anymore as im still a student.

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Hey @GeneN


Did you get an email when it asked you to reverify your college ID? 



No i got that it was running out of subscription soon so i did the chat room and all they told me was to put in a student document and im doing that but i just dont like how i need to send info all of a sudden compared to just reasking for my id.

hmmm that's weird, usually it will send out an email stating that your subscription is coming to an end and if you were still enrolled in a Unversity/College you would have to click on a link to extend your student discount. After that you should only have to input your Student ID number and thats it. 


Let me know what happens when you finish verifying your ID. I've never seen this happen so some insight would be great. 🙂


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I sent in my schduele in the documentation thing that they told me to do and it verified and my student discount is back. Its a bit frustrating with the fact i had to do that much but it worked out

Im glad you were able to solve the problem. Thanks for the insight!


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