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Student Discount Error 404 after verified

Student Discount Error 404 after verified

Hey i just signed up for student discount, got verified and in the email URL for the next step gives me a 404 error.

On top of this I also was charged twice on my mastercard at a rate of 4.99 (the student rate).

I hope this can be resolved quickly, thankyou


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Hey! Welcome to the Spotify Community

Firstly, about the double charge: Paying too much isn't cool! 

Anyway, don't worry about the money, since the transaction is still on pending. This means that Spotify froze the money from your account, to see if you actually can pay the premium subscription. As soon as Spotify notices that you haven't finished signing up, they are going to unfreeze the money and you will be able to use it again.


Now addressing the 404 error: Usually these kind of things happen, because of your web browsers cache. So try doing the following things:

    • Try opening the link in a private/incognito tab.


    • If that doesn't work, change browser and clear both browsers cache.


    Lastly if that doesn't work either, try opening the webpage on another device, that should do the trick!

Tell me how things work out 🙂

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