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Student Discount Issues

Student Discount Issues

I just registered for the student discount within the last hour and have a few questions:

1. Should i have gotten a confirmation e-mail from spotify about my student discount sign up?

2. I checked my bank account and i have already been charged $4.99, even though i don't have premium access. What's with that?

3. My account is still being displayed as a free account, should it say that my student discount is pending or something? Because that would be extremely helpful.

4. How long until i get an e-mail either confirming or rejecting my student discount registration?
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Hey @snizzb0ne, welcome to the Spotify Community!


If you have not yet gotten an email from Spotify verifying your student status and your payment information, the charge to your bank account is only a pending charge. This means your bank has put a temporary authorization on the funds, but no money has actually been taken because Spotify has not yet verified your student status. Check out some more info here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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