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Student discount

Student discount

I had my student discount for 4 or 5 months without any problem, though I cancelled it at the 5th or 6th payment. Now I am trying to get premium with student discount. When I click on the renew button there says that I will get the premium account without discount. I checked my student status and spotify still recognizes me as student until 2019. Will I pay with or without discount if I get the premium again?


4 ya da 5 aydır öğrenci indirimi ile premium kullanmıştım ve 5. Ya da 6. ödemeden sonra üyeliğimi iptal etmiştim. Şimdi premium üyeliğimi tekrar indirimle almak istiyorum. Üyeliği yenileme butonuna bastığımda 6.99tl yerine 13.99 tl ödeyeceğime dair bildirim ekranıyla karşılaştım. Öğrencilik durumumu kontrol ettm ve 2019 yılına kadar öğrenci olduğum spotify tarafından doğrulanmış durumda. Tekrar premium alırsam 13.99 mu yoksa 6.99 mu ödeyeceğim?


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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


You shouldn't have any trouble resubscribing to the discount if you're still eligible for it. Try signing up using an incognito window to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.


Hi! You may have to just reenter your student email address. If nothing else works, try cancelling and restarting your student premium subscription. 


By the way, the student subscription comes with free Hulu now!

Thank you, it was just because my student premium still had one day to go. The other day when I clicked on renew I got the discount. Thank you again for replying 🙂

Hey @user-removed.


We're glad to hear your discount is now up and running!


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread.



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