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Student premium verification won't work

Student premium verification won't work





United Kingdom



Huawei p20 pro


Operating System

Android 9


I tried to sign up for student premium through the offer of a free trial on the app. I filled in the information and was asked to sign into my university's portal and it came up saying the verification was complete. After that finished nothing changed though and I got an email saying verification was unsuccessful. 


It looks like I have to upload documents from my uni but we've been on lockdown for the majority of that 3 month time frame so I wouldn't have any either way, but they haven't sent me information through anything other than emails since before I started there. I have no idea how long it'll be before I'd actually get hold of a document from them, and it's annoying how I'm eligible for student premium but I can't get it despite everything going fine with signing into the portal. Is there anything else I can do or is it impossible because of whatever went wrong? I also tried on my laptop and had the same problem.


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Hey there @ryandthatsit


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!

Keep in mind our partner SheerID is in charge of the verification of your eligibility. That's why they need to confirm you're eligible before you can make use of the student discount. 


In case you experience trouble verifying make sure you get in touch with SheerID and follow their instructions on how to verify. You can reach out to them here.       


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this. 

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