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Student premuim payment with telecom

Student premuim payment with telecom

Hello! My subscribtion expired, i forgot to pay for it, so i went and updated it on my phone. I'm a verified student and i'v always been on a student premium, but it automatically chose standart premium, and i didnt really pay that much attention, unfortunately. Anyway, I have some trouble with my card (i live in Russia, and, u know, with the whole geopolitic situation and all.) so I saw that i was able to pay with my telecom operator. So i did, everything went smooth, i'm good to go. Now i noticed that it was standart and not student premium, so i tried to change my plan, but apparently i cant pay for Student Premium with my phone operator? Is this how it's supposed to be or am i being somewhat scammed? coz the price difference is almost 2 times and i would want to pay for my subscribtion with my telecom operator


Screenshots: 1) my standart premium is payed via telecom

2) cant choose that option for student premium (tried to transalte it via online translator so it looks weird

3) same as 2 but not translated 

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 Hey @Calam1ty,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Spotify Student is only available via directly subscribing through us and is not available through subscriptions via a partner. 


Please be advised, that at present, we are unable to process payments from major payment providers due to new external restrictions. Our next attempts to take payment may unfortunately fail. If we are unable to successfully process your next payment your Spotify subscription will automatically be converted to our free service once your payment has failed. 

Hope this info clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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