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[Artists] Spotify promotion service scams


[Artists] Spotify promotion service scams

Hey guys 🙂


I know many of you love making music and getting more people listen to your content, and I am pretty sure you have seen or perhaps even interacted with ads for different playlist promotion services.


In a fairly recent thread a user asked if Flowsty is a legit promotion platform and another user linked a video by Unders - "Stop being scammed by fake Spotify services", and it has a list of platforms you should definitely avoid, and the comment section of this is also very helpful.

Here is the video. 


And below (spoilered) is the list of services you should steer clear of.
Note: the list may expand in the future, so do check out the video description and comment section.

The AVOID list (AVOID) (AVOID) (reported by subscribers) (AVOID) (reported by subscribers) (The one in the video) (reported by subscribers) (reported by subscribers) (reported by subscribers) (reported by subscribers) (reported by subscribers) (reported by subscribers) (SERIOUSLY AVOID) (AVOID) (AVOID)

Also, avoid unknown services you can't find any legit information on. This will save your money, time and music.


Have a nice day 🙂

1 Reply

The ads for the services are coming off Spotify for artist how are they on their app sending you the advertisements and offering you the services on Spotify app

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