Budweiser . Made in America.


Budweiser . Made in America.

This ad is playing by itself and i can't pause. I know its live but its streaming and using my little data i have.  i want to be able to listen to my music without some ad streaming its own phucking shioit over the  music im listening to.


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Another approach to block the site is to modify your hosts file on your local computer to include


This will prevent the Budweiser ad / live music from being streamed.


The following link shows how to modify your hosts file on mac and pc,


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Hey ch1ris23 - What device is this happening with--could you let us know the OS you're using (e.g. OSX 10.8.3)


I'd try a clean reinstallation first if you haven't already. Keep us updated with how that works for you--thanks!

Reinstalling Spotify fixed the stream problem for me, but I can't imagine that we're the only two people to have this problem with the Spotify application.


EDIT: I spoke too soon, the stream just opened up again and is now playing over my music.

Thanks guys! We've escalated this to the right folks. As soon as we have an update we'll post again. 


We want to reunite you with your uninterrupted tunes as soon as possible. 

As a workaround, go to the Discover page and mute the audio in the stream. It won't solve bandwidth issues, but will let you listen to your Spotify.

Same problem here.  Spotify is playing this "Budweiser, Made in America" stream at 100% volume.  The first thing my 2-year old son and I  heard, was some rapper shouting obscenities at the top of his lungs (f** this, f** that, etc...).


-1 to Spotify allowing lewd content to activate by default on their service, and -1000 to Budweiser for inviting foul mouth rappers to represent their company.  May stop listening to Spotify altogether.  Will definitely not buy Budweiser again.


-from California


the concert ad thing on the discover page autoplays when I started spotify, has no pause button, no volume control other than mute, and plays over any music I actually want to hear. I had to relaunch spotify and quickly change to a different page to dodge the video.


What gives?

Agreed. This is incredibly obnoxious. I cant stop the streaming. I dont want this <Snip-Language ~Anthony> playing in the background. Get this <Snip-Langauge ~Anthony> off of my spotify.

This is cutting into my bandwidth. Let me turn this off.

How the <Snip-Language ~Anthony> do I turn off this stupid <Snip> concert? Oh, I'm sorry, are you annoyed by me suddenly <Snip> bursting in to <Snip> spirals of <Snip> cursing? Well that's too <Snip> bad because that's what I <Snip> got when I <Snip> turned on Spotify and it <Snip> blazed in my ear with <Snip>-laden mediocre rap.


Turn off this stupid <Snip> piece of <Snip> garbage concert.


<There is reallly no need to swear on the community, no matter how annoyed you are. It does absolutely nothing to get more attention, and it just makes everyone more agitated. I could easily have removed your post for the amount of (implied) language you used here, so be greatful your post still exists. ~Anthony>

Hi everyone!


Firstly, sorry for the inconvenience this will have caused you.


I'll escalate this to the staff for you to see if they can look into it and get you a response on the matter.


Anthony 🙂

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I'm having the same problems too. Its also odd that there are no options for pausing or muting said video. Because of the continuance of my problems with the player I cannot use it until it is fixed.

I noticed this too and I actually like the idea, but it seems to do a horrible job of actually showing concerts that are in my actual area.  Sometimes it does, most of the time it does not.  What is the point of that?


Wait - I read this wrong, I'm talking about the concert listing on the Artist Pages, haha.

The concert comes up at maximum volume, and turning down the app volume has no effect.  I'm afraid I may have damaged my speakers.


I assumed it was a virus.  Is it not?  Did Spotify do this intentionally?  That's hard to believe. . .

I'm having the same issue, the made in america ad is playing the live stream automatically. Plays over my current music. I can mute the sound but the stream countinues to play in the background which takes up bandwidth. 


I tried reinstalling the spotify app, but the same issue occurred. 


currently running Mac OS X (Mountain Lion - 10.8)



Just want to reiterate how infuriating this is.  The banner ad has essentially made Spotify unusable.  The video stream starts automatically and there is no way to pause or stop.  Making matters more ridiculous: if you actually wanted to listen to the stream and click the  "Stream Now" button you get two streams playing at once with no way to stop either.


Bottom line, Spotify is unusable as long as that poorly designed banner as is present.

Oh god, this is the worst thing ever! Will be using my Pandora a whole lot more, that is for sure. ANd their beer tastes like toilet water. 

Holy crap, this is the most annoying thing of all time. Who creates a banner ad with no way to exit out or minimize? Yes, I can mute it, but as others have said, it takes up bandwidth and runs in the background. Loved opening up Spotify this morning for my 5-year-old to listen to, and having Chuck D and Flavor Flav yelling profanity at me at 140 decibels. Fix it!

I was just starting to like spotify too.  Guess I'll go back to Pandora.  This might be cool if I ever listened to garbage like this, but I don't, so BIG FAIL spotify.  😞


MAC OS 10.6.8

Spotify v

Help.  I can't stop my spotify from streaming some terrible rap concert, sponsered by Bud.


How do you turn it off?

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