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Building a strong network: strategies and tools to connect with influential people.


Building a strong network: strategies and tools to connect with influential people.



Building a Strong Network in the Music Industry

In the highly competitive and complex music industry, achieving success is a challenging task that goes beyond talent. Creating relevant connections and relationships is a fundamental strategy for those who want to stand out.


Networking is the practice of creating and maintaining a network of contacts that can lead to music collaborations, contract negotiations, invitations to shows and festivals, and many other valuable opportunities. It allows musicians, producers, songwriters, managers, and other industry professionals to share ideas, information, and work opportunities.


Maintaining relevant connections in the music industry can help build a positive reputation and increase visibility for an artist or professional's work. Through these connections, it is possible to reach a larger and more diverse audience, which can increase career success chances.


However, it's important to note that networking is not just about creating a contact list but establishing meaningful and lasting relationships. Cultivating these connections requires open and honest dialogue and maintaining personal and professional interactions.


Participating in events and festivals is a great way to build a network of contacts in the music industry and meet other professionals. Another important way to stay updated on music market trends and news is by reading specialized news and blogs, following the social media accounts of artists and industry professionals, and engaging in online discussion groups.


In summary, networking is a fundamental strategy for those who want to excel in the music industry. It allows professionals to connect, exchange valuable information and work opportunities, build meaningful and lasting relationships, increase work visibility, and have greater chances of career success.


Steps to Building a Strong Network in the Music Industry:


| Step 1: Attend events and festivals |
| Engage in music events and festivals where you can meet other industry professionals. Engage in conversations, exchange information, and stay in touch with those you find interesting. |


| Step 2: Utilize social media |
| Social media platforms are great for connecting with industry peers. Follow artists, producers, songwriters, and other professionals, and interact with them. Comment on their posts, send messages, and try to build a friendly relationship. |


| Step 3: Engage in online discussion groups |
| Online discussion groups are a great way to meet other industry professionals, exchange information and ideas. Engage in discussions and try to be helpful to others in the group. This way, you can build trust and strengthen your network. |


| Step 4: Maintain contact |
| After meeting people at events, through social media, or in discussion groups, regularly keep in touch with them. Send messages, call, or invite them for coffee and continue to strengthen your connections. |


| Step 5: Be helpful |
| When building a network, try to be helpful to others whenever possible. Help promote their music, introduce them to other industry professionals, and share useful information. This way, you build trust and provide value to others. |


| Step 6: Be authentic |
| Finally, remember to be authentic and genuine in your interactions with music industry professionals. Don't try to be someone you're not or make connections solely for personal gain. Be yourself, open to new connections, and opportunities. |


Based on the P3I concept, a table matrix can be developed to assist artists in naming and strengthening their networking with important individuals. The matrix consists of two dimensions: Power/Impact and Interest/Importance.


The Power/Impact dimension refers to the person's influence in the music industry, while the Interest/Importance dimension focuses on the degree of relevance the person has to the artist.


Here's an example of how the matrix can be structured:


To fill out the matrix, the artist should list relevant people in the music industry and assess them in terms of Power/Impact and Interest/Importance. This can be done by assigning a score from 1 to 5 in each dimension.


For example, a person with high power and high interest/importance to the artist would be evaluated as 5/5, while someone with low power and low interest/importance would be evaluated as 1/1.


Based on this assessment, the artist can focus on establishing stronger relationships with individuals who have high power and high interest/importance, as these connections have the potential to be the most valuable for their career.


I hope the content has been helpful and informative in some way, and that it can assist you in your personal and professional journey. I believe that sharing information is essential for the growth and development of all individuals.


Once again, thank you very much for reading my text, and I hope you continue to follow my work in the future.

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Hi, @geovanebento I hope you're doing well and having a great start to the week. I agree, I have a music blog, and last year in December we covered this debut album 


This girl follows the blog and like one of the writers I have in, so she follows him, and a few months later this happened:


“I got in touch with MadZen after discovering his music on Instagram and immediately knew I wanted to do some sort of collaboration. The lyrics for ‘Pablo Picasso’ had come to me a little while back, but I didn’t have a melody in mind at the time so I just added them to a note on my phone. When I heard the instrumentals he send over in the early stages of our project, I knew that the concept would fit perfectly! I decided to keep the lyrics pretty simple and do more with the vocals and some added instrumentals. The whole process was very fun and organic. I’m very glad to have worked with MadZen!”



Madzen struggles to get over there 1K mark of streams in his songs until recently when he made it with his previous release "LLanuras" and now with this new one released last Friday reached that mark in only 3 days, all because of this networking that you are talking about. 






 That was the whole point of my comment, I hope you enjoy their music and if you do, give them a follow. 


All the best!!!



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Yes! I really enjoyed the concept of these artists! They are truly talented and intriguing! Wishing them great success!

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