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Could this be the best Cover Songs playlist on Spotify?


Could this be the best Cover Songs playlist on Spotify?

There are some songs that you don’t truly appreciate until another artist takes it on and makes it their own. Sometimes the newer version draws out aspects from the original you may have missed and haven't noticed before. The best cover songs give you the chance to be able to rediscover a song in a different way, sometimes even changing your understanding and impression of it. My mission is to create the best Cover's playlist on the platform. There are alot of hidden gems by smaller artists who have done great covers that often get hardly noticed. I try to include them as much here. If there are cover's you've come across you feel fits this category, feel free to send em my way. But otherwise, I hope everyone here would give this a go, even if cover song's might not really be your thing!

Spotify -  Covers.jpg
18 Replies

Hi Baz
Here's a great alternative rock cover of Olive's 90s dance hit 'You're Not Alone'. It would be great if you could add it. Thanks



I think my second single "Money" would be a great fit for your covers playlist. It’s a cover of Pink Floyd’s original version of 1973. It is my first self-produced release. I'd love it if you would consider adding it. It came out on Friday, 11/9.


Thanks for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon!


All my best,

Illicit Ghost

We did a cover of Come Back and Stay! Hope you like it!



Please consider this cover of 'Working Class Hero' by John Lennon

into the abyss


I recently released a hard rock cover of The Kinks classic hit song “Lola.


Hope you enjoy it and add to your playlist. 

Thanks for supporting independent music,


Hey @baz274,


Not sure if this one is already in there:



Definitely one of my favorites!


great post and you’re definitely right.

feels like we’re living in a time when a lot of songs we heard as kids are being released by new artists.


you should definitely listen to this one and add it to your playlist.

 Hi friend,


I have a cover for your consideration! Check it out.. I hope you like it.


Tessa Devine - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)





Love the way you described covers drawing out different aspects from the original. I really like what the artist Frankie Orella has done with these classic songs "Crazy Train" and "Heartbreaker". Makes me feel completely different about the meaning of these songs. Really beautiful piano and vocals. 

So one of the finest, most melodical and lyrically most accomplished punkrock-songs ever is probably The Skids song The Saints are Coming.
U2 and Green day made a cover of it as well, but dared to change the lyrics.
Here's a brand new version (released today) by my soloproject Killing Bishop.
It's big, bold and beautiful... 🙂 They way it should be.

Hi Baz! What do you think about our rock version of Simple Minds "Don't You - Forget About Me"?

Take a listen to it:


Have a nice day!


Here is a cover playlist I put together when doing a playlist challenge last year. Black Steel by Tricky is a really slick cover of the original Public Enemy version.


LOVE this playlist!!!!  I'm digging so many covers right now.   Currently on repeat is Liv Charette's "I Don't Wanna Fight" (Tina Turner song from '93, done in such a cool vibey way!)

Hi Baz,


   The Cash Cows do some pretty interesting covers...


Rhianna Only girl in the World and The Eagles, Hotel California stand out for me...



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