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Fans of heavy metal


Fans of heavy metal

I am looking fdor fans of heavy metal music to follow and chat with. I am really into power and progressive metal but I love most all metal. My favorite record labels are Napam Records, Nightmare Records, Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Metalblade and Roadrunner Records. 


IF theres anyone out there like me, please find me on facebook. "Glenn Watson" Gresham, Oregon.


Thank you and hope to hear from you,





17 Replies

Hey. I don't know the particular record labels, but I follow a little bit of metal. I listen to music with melody and harmony, and with stories, and usually this means progressive metal and symphonic metal, particularly e.g., Blind Guardian. Are you interested in sharing a playlist for this?


I also like heavy "classic" rock, such as Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, some Kiss, some AC/DC, and not a whole lot else. But I do like hearing new headbangin' rock songs!! 🙂  


Let me know 🙂

Without music, life would B♭

Hi, thanks for the response, yes I would like to share playlist, it gets boring looking

at mine all the time :). So, how do we find each other?



Hey Glenn,


Here's my profile 🙂  Looking forward to it!!      ->   katsumii



Without music, life would B♭

Hey Glenn,


I think I've found you. I started following a user named glennwatson. I hope it's you! Feel free to post your favorite rock 😄


Here are some of my playlists (apologies for cheesiness, but I'm a sucker for '80s). I hope we add a ton more!!


Rock ON !!!!!!

Def Leppard!!!!

Heavy Metal   <- this one is empty! Start it off with your jams


The invitation goes to anyone else reading this, too. ROCK ON!!! 🙂 headbang.gif

Without music, life would B♭



You found me, I sent you over one of my playlist, I'm not sure how thise whole communication things works though when we are not on here. 



Thanks for looking me up.



Hi! Recon you can a lots of metal music! My English isn't so god hope you can understand and give me a new view of metal music.. Get god things going!


Cheek Out my list: the viper2.. Rock on...



I listen to a variety of metal, rock, goth, ebm, industrial etc so if you want to add me I'm always up for sharing new/old music and having a chit chat about music 🙂


Cheers! - Laura


Heavy Metal from Finland!!! SUOMI!





A big belly, a chainsaw
The slaughterer and the ones to be slaughtered
An outpatient, a mercenary
A rubber cloth and a principle

The meat grinder
And the slaughterer's bum spin in the beat of the hammer
Those circular saws, bring a message
The rematory of death

Then the blood flares up
When the tall and sweaty metalhead yells
Eyes spurt out of the head
When he throws up on the floor

He sits beside Virgin Mary
And farts pillars of fire up to heavens
He kneels in front of the Pope
And throws the Pope's dinner into the water

Bad ugly, motordick
The strangler and the ones to be strangled
A mercenary, an open patient
A rubber cloth is the principle

I am a huge metal head. Feel free to follow me, I will follow back.

My favourite groups are:


Judas Priest

Iron Maiden





Black Sabbath

Avenged Sevenfold


Mercyful Fate

Motley Crue


Quiet Riot





Follow me, I will follow back

This song i cant find them on spotify


The second one [edit]  i found it:


insane vocals /instrumnetal compusure overall, paired with good headphones they sound amazing.


I listen to  classic doom,thrash, classic  death etc

Hard Rock and Metal

Follow me, I will follow back

Scrap Metal Shuffle List


Hey guys. 

 I am on a no stop quest of finding new music, all the time. If someone with similar metal taste like mine (check list) add me and ill add you. Have gotten a few friends so far from all over the world, and have found alot of really good bands that i dont really hear anything about in my country. Or, maby i do but i am not looking in the correct places. I like all kinds of metal like the list might show. And i do have a special liking to the good shuffle lists out there.


Search for        isberg666     to add me and ill add you when i get notification on new subscriber.

Good taste, you are wellcom for a new Discover, this is my band

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