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For Apple Watch users - BEWARE


For Apple Watch users - BEWARE

If you own an Apple Watch, even the latest ones (I’m using Ultra 2), Spotify won’t tell you this: High quality audio is NOT an option if you are using an AW device. Spotify need to be transparent about this, as their website neglects to mention this. I’ve always used Spotify, but now I am looking to switch service as my ears can’t take the low quality sound, and I don’t appreciate the trickery. 

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Did they release HiFi? Or is it just on the Ultra it’s noticeably degraded from the existing sound definition? Curious as I’m in the market for the Ultra myself. 

Apple has the hardware and a competing streaming service… wouldn’t be too surprised if they’re not making it easy for Spotify to deliver on this long-awaited audio upgrade. 


When downloading songs to the Apple Watch, the sound quality is obviously lower than the highest sound quality setting (320 kbps) on the iPhone, perhaps due to capacity issues... There is no setting to select the sound quality of the song to be downloaded to the Apple Watch, and it is forced to download at a lower sound quality. (I use an Apple Watch SE)

What about streaming compared to downloading? How does streaming sound on Apple Watch? 

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