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Guessing the Movie Game


Guessing the Movie Game

Let's play a game! Someone posts a song and tries to guess which movie it came from. 

I recommend a song that wasn't specifically made for a movie because the movie would be revealed by the cover art. 

Try to guess where this song came from (I didn't watch the movie yet, so idk if this song was actually in the movie; it was in two of the movie soundtracks)

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That's a cool idea. I have no idea about this song. You might start off with something easier. It might also help, if you make another post about this artist, to draw people that know about him to this game, via the conversation, in the other post. I had to do something like that, with one of my games. I'm guessing that you want someone to answer this, before posting a song for someone else to guess, so I will wait. Just let me know how you're wanting it to go. I already know a song to post.

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