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Hello! Customer service experience?


Hello! Customer service experience?

Hello All,


I was curious about the level of customer service my fellow Spotify community has experienced? I had one this morning that was rather off putting. I’ve been a premium subscriber for an over a decade now and I was displeased with the service I received today. Sole reason being I asked to speak to manager 3 times and I was not transferred. I took screenshots of the chat. I don’t think I’ve ever been refused the right to speak to supervisor when it’s deemed necessary and ofc politely asked.

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Maybe the community can help! What’s your question?

My question is are these the expectations I should have when reaching out to customer service when the support staff doesn’t have adequate permissions or knowledge to assist and when politely asking to speak to a manager 3 times my request is denied? 

Hi there!


Your expectations should be that support staff don't have a "manager" to transfer you to, and that if your issue or question can't be answered to your satisfaction by them, their Support Center, the Community, the Stars Team on the Community, Google, etc., they will have a member of their Specialty Team email you.


Hope this helps

Hello, it does help. Thank you, perhaps I’m not used to this structure of customer service but it’s definitely good to know. 

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