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How to build a good base of supporters


How to build a good base of supporters


Without a good relationship with influential people, it is extremely difficult for us to rise to prominence, and it goes without saying; "Talent alone is not enough". You can even achieve your goals without networking, but it will take a long, long, long time...

The vast majority of artists say that money is the most important thing in the business world, believe me, it's not! Money helps, but it is not the factor that will define your growth in the market. I've seen people spend millions and get nowhere and others invest a few thousand and become big brands in their music scene.

In addition to money and talent, there are other factors such as: the niche you reach, artistic proposal, charisma and networking. In my opinion, a good base of related people in the market is fundamental for the introduction and growth of the artist. With that in mind, I now present the pillars of effective Networking, if you take these 4 pillars into account, you will build a good base of influencers and supporters:

1- Connection (Empathy) try to get closer to people who might be really interested in your style and artistic proposal.

2-  Trust (Be honest). Never invent about yourself and your numbers, today it is very easy to know the reality of an artist's positioning.

3-  Idea Sharing Community. Be part of a specific niche, a "community". That way you will have a voice.

4-  Clarity (Make your interests clear and ask the other person to do the same) "The deal is not expensive".

Write these 4 pillars down in a notebook and start listing the people who are likely to be part of your network. Good artist, that's all for today! It costs!

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