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How to buy songs?


How to buy songs?

Hey there,


this may sound like a real stupid question, but how do I buy songs? I have Spotify Premium and according to the FAQ it is possible to buy songs and get them as MP3. Now I just can't figure out how to Download them (and yes, I tried right clicking on them , but in the Pop-Up menu there is no such point.)

However, I am able to make songs available Offline (since I have Premium) , but I guess this is not the same as buying songs, because I want them as MP3.


Maybe anyone can clarify this for me?


Best Regards

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I would be interested in finding out if Spotify ever intends in the near future to make these songs available for purchase, even if there is a maximum limit. I typically would not need to download as an mp3 given that you can download the songs and play them from any device which is great for personal use. On the other hand, in my line of work there are times that I need to add videos to powerpoint that has no sounds and Spotify hands down is the best out there for filtering songs based on length which makes it easy to find a song that is perfect! However, now I am in a pickle because I found a song perfect for a video I need and I can't get the mp3. 


Would Spotify consider opening up a separate account that business can use to purchase songs?



Hello, I just read this. I am premium user since 2015. Since then many songs just disappeared from my playlists. Many of them were my favorites. Are there any news about possible reopening of the download store? Today it took me hours to browse through Spotify and YouTube and other stores and I ended up buying something via iTunes. Best regards, Daniel

Surprised that no one has submitted any updated questions about this in 4 1/2 years.

Was easier to accept the fact that this won't happen again.

Wow how silly. Spotify could make money off the sale of each mp3 plus give the artist a royalty, making them happy & showing the world they are a responsible member of the music community.

Oh well, illegal hack converters here I come.

Spotify used to offer the option to buy tracks but stopped doing it about 5 years ago to concentrate on streaming. Unless you're DJing why do you need to buy the tracks as you can store them offline anyway? Leon.

Because premium Spotify only lets u store 1gb and then u have to start deleting them to stay under the limit plus if u ever leave Spotify (which is likely wen something better comes along) u lose all u stored (it doesn't let u keep them.

The reason i'd buy tracks is to use them in my DAW for reference while mixing.

Just so I'm clear on this; I can't buy songs from Spotify, but if I already own music (DRM free) in .mp3 format I can use the Spotify standalone application to listen to my locally stored music. If that's the case, then I'm free to purchase music from the lowest priced seller and listen to it on my Spotify application. Would that be correct?

Thats correct. I have just merged Spotify with my locally stored music but
arent sure how it works..

That is extremely stupid...

Good grief! Just linking to a seller like Apple Music would make money and help users wouldn’t it?

well this sucks.. 



I have purchased plenty of songs over the years. I can play them anytime I want without other songs I DON'T want from some random Playlist or algorithm. I'n not against an artist getting their due payment, I just want to ONLY pay for the songs I WANT. Why is it so hard for all the music, streaming companies, etc. to understand this??? I'm from the "you want a record,you go buy it from the store, and play it whenever you want. If you broke it, you bought another one. Simple. Just because I like a song, it doesn't mean I want hear "an algorithms choice" of what IT thinks I want to hear. I can choose that for myself, just as I did in a record store. 

2023 and we still can't buy... Spotify doesn't want my money, and neither do the artists, I suppose.

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