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How to compose a new hit


How to compose a new hit


There are several ways to compose a song, writing simply using your feelings or mixing feelings with science, and believe it or not, the vast majority of the world's hits were composed in this second model of composition; feeling + science.

In the industrial market there are artistic triads, and one of them is used by great composers, poets and writers which is the "Triad of Social Reflection". It consists of three pillars which are:

1 - Predominant Thoughts

2 - Predominant Feelings

3rd - Predominant themes

These three pillars together build Social Reflection, a synchronism of experiences, emotions and interests between the audience and the artist that turns into empathy building a powerful connection.

This triad was created by T. Harv Eker author of the thesis: "Thoughts attract Feelings, Feelings attract Actions and Actions attract Results". He realized that our predominant thoughts, the most present, will generate the most constant feelings and consequently we will be attracted to themes that reflect the emotions that this cycle makes us feel.

As the music industry, in addition to art, is also science, that is, whether you want to accept it or not, anyone who wants to make a living from music needs to see it as a Business and almost everything is done in a planned way. Of course, there are great songs written empirically, but the composer needs to write 1000 songs to hit 1, and, for those who want to make a living from music, you can't count on the luck that every 1000 lyrics comes out a new hit, today the market is merciless, if you are not a real hit factory it will be complicated, the market will crush you mercilessly.

That's why one of the main pillars in the construction of a new artist is to know who their persona is, knowing the artist's persona well, it's possible to know their thoughts and feelings and create songs with themes that will connect with these people, in this way, the artist will release one hit after another.

So artist, find out what your audience is thinking, that way you will find out what they feel and you will compose songs with themes that will connect with those people.

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