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I am thinking about canceling my subscription.


I am thinking about canceling my subscription.


I am seriously thinking about canceling my Spotify subscription as I have come across some very important information in regards to artist compensation.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the service because I can listen to any artist and enjoy their influence in my own songwriting.  The problem is that I feel as if I am ripping off the artists and the songwriters everytime I stream a song or album.  Even though I pay my montly fee, I have visited artists blogs that proclaim unfair compensation to them or the songwriters that are on Spotify and similar services.  I recall artists claiming compensation of a fraction of a cent for each play and that includes the songwriters share.


I recall an anecdote about Picasso who was sitting in the park sketching, when a lady interupted him and asked, "Will you please do me the honor of making something for me?"  Picasso graciously honored the woman's request and after handing it to her, he says, "That will be $5000?"  Apalled, the woman says loudly, "Sir, this amount is ridiculous that piece only took you minutes to complete!" to which Picasso replies calmly, "No madame, it took my whole life."


It is in that story that I find the problem and my struggle with being a music lover and a music consumer.  I have a full-time job.  I am not a highly recognized artist and don't really care if I get paid for writing or performing.  I play locally and for friends and family.  It is one of my passions in life and I do it for personal growth.  What I do understand is that the musicians and writers that do make a living through their art are also my friends.  I think most of them are well aware just what they are up against when they take part in this market and most are grateful for what compensation, no matter how little, they are afforded.  I see them struggle to make ends meet for their families and are away from them for weeks when touring.  At times, even their extended family pitch in to help them make it because they believe in them as artists.  They find fullfillment in their words and music, just as I do.


I feel that Spotify is making an effort to provide artists with a vehicle to get their music heard and that is what every artist desires.  It just seems that a company with music as it's backbone would do more for the elements that go into making the backbone a strong and sturdy structure.  I have looked through your website and have found nothing that shows where my monthly fee goes, nor do I see anywhere on your site that shows exactly what you are doing for your artists, aside from asking them to come aboard.


It seems that both your company and I are at a crossroads.  Your company makes millions from your service and as a consumer, I have been doing my share to support your business.  At what cost to us both?  Your company uses technology to perpetuate the convenience of music without fair regards to those who fill your online shelves by treating their art as a binomial widget.  I lose credibility with my artists friends because I participate in this business model that is treating them unfairly.  I hope to be able to hear more from your company in regards to this matter or at least hear what plans you have in place to ensure your business supports the arts in a fair and equitable manner.  If not I will have to discontinue my subscription.  If you have read this far, thank you for your consideration.

-A. J. Carabajal

27 Replies

I think an important point to make is (sorry if its already been made) is that the artists have the choice to not make their music available on spotify. However I would think that is a bad move as it would mean that they will be discovered less. It also means they get compensation for listens that they otherwise wouldnt have gotten at all. 

What GavinHenderson5 said is right so, last but not least, we must consider the "nature of internet"; it was invented by military as emergency communication program and then developed as public utility resource and, by this, I've always been known that is controlled and used to track, spy or influence the users, in fact now we have NSA scandal (did you hear about the end of Lavabit or Silent Cricle e-mail account?) but 20 years ago we, internet users, told about "Echelon spy satellites" and these two things are in touch so what the nature of Spotify and is connection with Facebook?  Why they are legal and Lavabit and Silent Circle closed? 
Remember that all man-made electromagnetics applications (PC, Internet, cell-phone, TV and any voltage font as lights or speakers) interact with the electric-camp of your brain and they are 
- remote-controlled
- body&mind influencers
(30 years ago this way was only in the horror-movie!?)
Can someone use music as a way to make you stay more in front of PC and Internet? This is the reason of the "incredible lost" of my cd-pack? So i'm too about to say:

Talk about conspiracy theories.

So basically, fear electricity and burn everything?

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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dear Peter:
About 10 years ago programs to upload images on the web as Imageshack were free, now they turned to payment. If between some years programs as Spotify will go on the same way?
In meanwhile I experienced that there are situations like the book "Fahrenheit 451" or "Se questo è un uomo" (do you know them?) to destroy and mistyficate the original version (read: the truth of facts). Is it a conspirancion theory? But it's happened under dictators system as Nazism but it is nothing of new because the same happened 2.000 years ago under the Roman Empire so how we can consider this kind of things belonging only to the past? Please check on my blog my personal experience that you, by your freewill, can believe or control by yourself as you can believe in God or consider IT as a stupid superstition.
However electromagentic fields (natural and aritifcial) interact between themselves and you cannot avoid this fact. 
As diabolic circumstances (or well-minded things?) i consider the "incredible-lost" of my cd's pack and all things concerning it a way to keep on fight ("dividi et impera") an honest buyer (me) with (what at the moment i think it is) an honest music-shop seller.
Now in Italy many things (legal acts, payment, bank transfer, etc.) are turning on "telematic way" because, their watchmen say: "no possibilities of frauds"!? So NSA doesn't exist? Who are the watchmen? Jesus say: "who is with you is not against you" so (as up mentioned) "beware where you click" because every second we are running the risk to became a part of this (and excusetions like Adamo and Eva in the Bible, as you all know, are ridicolus and not save yourself. So let the people know this and then everyone, by their freewill, can do as they prefer.
Tell this: if the guilty of biblic city of Sodoma was only the male omosexuality why God destroyed the entire city (included female and youns population) and all the rest? And It happened before the 10 Comandaments, so do you think ignorance will save yourself and "ignorance makers" will save the people? Who doesn't know his past surely will reply it or not? 
In any case: Imperet tibi Dominus (Jud.9)

" It's a modern day of Roman Empire
where girls hone all the boys
diseases pass around like a game of 
TAG --- and now you are it!
It's a modern day Romanhood
you're not the first to be not good ...
D.I. - "Fatso/Nero" from the album "what good is grief to a god" (not listed on Spotify) - I got this cd from 1990!

" we are the dealers for everything you need ..."
Ac/Dc - from the album "Fot those about to rock" (not listed on Spotify) - I have this gatefold vynil 

" 'cause I don't  wanna be a hypocrite ..."  and  "pro choice"
Tura Satana from the album "All is not well" (not listed on Spotify) - I bought this cd by Discogs some months ago but first i got this releases on a recorded cassette when they still were Manhole and I saw them in concert in Roma many years with other bands i don't remenber.

as up mentioned:

If you recently clicked on a Youtube ad, Emsisoft recommends an immediate scan with Emsisoft Anti-Malware. The software will detect and remove Caphaw, and protect your PC from future attacks.

This recent attack acts as an important reminder. No website is 100% secure. And, whether malicious or not, Internet advertising exists to make money. So be careful where you click.

in fact:

but after scanned your PC the "anti-virus" knows all about it so: who are the watchmen? 

Flaminio Maphia – Allagrande (Praticamente in Mutande) - Large
cit.: Attenzione: ti ricordo che scaricare abusivamente da Internet brani musicali protetti da diritto d’autore è illegale. Questa guida è stata scritta a puro scopo illustrativo, non è mia intenzione incentivare la pirateria, pertanto non mi assumo alcuna responsabilità su come tu possa usare le informazioni presenti nell’articolo.

the same for this:


so, as NSA scandal demonstrate, if there' a web-spy,track, etc, so could be also a sort of "censoring-service". I mean: how we can be sure that you read,see,receive, etc. exactly what someone else (really) write? And when it happened? For example how many messagges of mine (user: I-Zenborg) you see on Spotify? What you see written on? I saw on my profile that some messagges, strangely, have less views than the messagge set "before and then". But how it's possible if they are all mine, in the same web-page and they are followings with no other users messagges in between? Is possible that on the same web-page i write and see 3 messagges while you see only 2? Or Spotify make "view" on a messagge only when the user read it so you can say: that's because you only read the messagge "before and then" but not that between!" Is it possible? or this way hides "web-censoring"? or both things at the same time?
Peter want you come here to answer?

Some readers are thinking about canceling their subscriptions to the New York Times following reports of impending layoffs. This morning, Bloomberg reported that the paper's "A-Team" is bracing for what could be another round of deep cuts. Do you know anyone who might want to cancel their subscription to the New York Times because of impending layoffs?

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