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I love Spotify and Taylor Swift is just wrong.


I love Spotify and Taylor Swift is just wrong.

I know this is not the right place to say this, but I'll do it.
Many years ago since I began to be a music lover, I always downloaded music from web sites like kickass. Torrents. Ares. Youtube. I spend a lot of time with that and finding the album covers. But this year I found out what is a streaming music service and I knew Spotify, the first time it was amazing it has all the music I love, then I was sick and tired of the free subscription! I couldn't listen to one song, that's why a decided to became premium three months ago, and I love it. I had never paid for music in my life and with Spotify I'm conscious about we must paid for it. Spotify teached me that. Now that I see the Taylor's issue, I just have to say she's totally wrong, she needs to use Spotify at least one month with both free and premium services to know that those ads are paying all of that. If she doesn't want to share her music tp free subscribers, why is her music on YouTube totally free to listen and to be download (with some apps)?

I'm a big fan of Spotify. I love it.
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Welcome to the Spotify bandwagon!


Note - can somebody move this to offtopic? Thanks.

JOEBOT, lovingly handmade by MattSuda - I'm not the only sexy rock star, there are plenty of others that are happy to help you out. Just look for the star by their name.
I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF SPOTIFY AB. I am just a thirteen year old child trying to help out. I am not paid to help or say any views of Spotify AB or any of it's affiliates, so the least that you could do is share some kudos, or, if I helped you out, mark my post as a solution. It makes me all fuzzy inside

Welcome to the community @user-removed ! 🙂


Thank you for this amazing post and i totally agree with you (even if im purchasing music and am having a spotify premium plan :D). Taylor Swift probably uploads her songs on youtube because she gets there about 1000-3000$ for 1.000.000 clicks which isn't much in comparison to spotify. I hope that her fans and friends makes her aware that she could earn really much money by using spotify.

Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

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What is a Spotify Rock Star and how do i become one?

Im not a Spotify Employee.

@JoeThomas Done 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

Please read also daniel Ek's blog about this 😉 @user-removed 

Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

If i helped you don't forget to leave a "Kudo" or "Accept as Solution".

( Twitter // Spotify )

What is a Spotify Rock Star and how do i become one?

Im not a Spotify Employee.

@Amarro I did it before I posted this, I think that his massage maked me felt what I wrote.

I was too pirate. But then I discovered Spotify Free and in year was tired by ads and purchased Premium with smartphone. I believe in this app, more payments, from more users... Better really than nothing... And you can also sleep well as you get your music legally for 10 € month. I never pirated underground music, handsup, dancecore and techno I discoverd from Spotify. Only mainstream, but then after Spotify I discovered a lot more, than just mainstream garbage... saw there is really more music I like even more than this... with Spotify I discovered better underground music. I don't need really a mp3 file... Spotify is so much easy.


So in other words, all pirates here, jump in and SLEEP WELL Big smile

Yes I think the same thing as you @hpguru now I feel bad when I think to download illegaly mp3 files. I don't like I prefer my Spotify app.

Taylor Swift is just too worried about money. The more money you have, the more you want. She's just too selfish

memes photo: come at dawson, bo comeatmebro.gif

She simply doesn't know what she is doing..  I'd rather stay quiet.

~And let the music touch your soul!
Need help? Maybe I can help you! [PT-BR / EN-US]

Thanks for the link to Daniel Ek's blog...good reading.  I understand where Taylor is coming from, but I disagree with her actions of taking all her music off Spotify.  I began listening to Taylor Swift on eMusic, when she was just starting out...then she joined a major music company and has been getting more famous, richer and in my opinion displaying signs of greed; inflated egos often does that to people.  I will not be purchasing any of her music in the future.

Perfect picture to go along with the blog post by Daniel:


Laughing at the haters 



MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

is that the truth when it comes to money.......

No one really miss Taylor Swift from Spotify.


If you miss, please come to doctor. You may need some medicine. I don't mean iPad...

I hope Spotify don't let Taylor Swift back on, we need to keep banal pop off Spotify. She seels a lot of 'product', but in the end she will be a footnote.

YES. You are awesome. I love you. You at least know what's wrong with the music world.

Thank you.

Honestly, Taylor Swift was okay when she first began with the music industry. Her songs had good messages, and they were cute. But then she began to get ridiculously famous, and she was bathing in money. She became selfish, and she would begin a relationship, only using it as inspiration for a song. She does charity and stuff, but I think it's only for the fame. She really needs to think about how the people she's making junk up about feel. She's to determined to make more money, that she isn't paying attention to the fact she could be hurting people. 

as a Spotify user I want to follow and also get followers and discover which music are you listening, if you are listening something that I've never listened before and then if I like, I'll be very grateful....

lets sign this up, maybe it change this
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Taylor Swift is still here 😄 Many covers from other artists will make you feel like she's still in Spotify. Feel free to add covers there! Just don't delete. Let's collaborate!



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