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Is ANYONE else having distinct issues with commercials randomly interrupting songs? Mid-Song?


Is ANYONE else having distinct issues with commercials randomly interrupting songs? Mid-Song?

I REALLY enjoy Spotify, but, as a financially challenged, can't afford all these "no ads", premium subscriptions. When I started, years ago, Spotify was "radio on my computer" essentially. Song, then, ad. NOW, I get ads at the end, mid-song, near beginning of songs...I get that there are a few 10min+ songs, but a 5min song SHOULDN'T be blown to **bleep** with a 3min injection of LOUD ads. And, in this day of cookies, spyware, can't you come up with interruptions that are at LEAST vaguely relevant? And WHY are ADS at such a higher volume? Toto sings about Africa, and, 1/2way ..."SKYRIZI, FOR YOU AND YOUR HIND-HUGGER!!!!!!!!"...I have no qualms about others' lifestyles, but a near screaming ad that I have NO interest in, is a bit annoying. 

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Hi @Deadhead63


I use Spotify free and I do not get ads halfway through songs. I only get ads after a song finishes, or after I skip or select a new song. Some of my ads are unusually relevant to me, considering I have ad personalization turned off in my account settings. All of the other ads I get I couldn't care less about.

My ads are usually at a reasonable volume. I am unsure if the normalize audio option normalizes advertisements, but it may be worth a try if you don't have it on.


If the content of the ads bothers you, I'd recommend clearing your Spotify cache and your browser's cache/cookies. This may cause your ads to be more relevant.





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