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Lyrics Now Premium?


Lyrics Now Premium?

Who doesn't love music? Better yet, who doesn't secretly sing when nobody is around? Well, I don't know anyone who doesn't do any of those things, but I do have news for those who do. Spotify has recently taken arms against its community, locking away the shower singers, the karaoke-rs, and the drunk woman's ability to easily get lyrics on this platform. So far they've locked the Lyrics away but who knows what's next, it could be the ability to select any song on the daily mix playlists, they could make the console and PC apps just as bad as the mobile one, or they could even limit how many playlists you can save and switch around on the sidebar oh wait, they already do that... Either way, Spotify's siege is beginning but I ask of you this, please like this post to bring attention to it in the hopes that someone from Spotify sees it and reverts their changes and maybe removes the limit on the sidebar.

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that is so true. and its been a problem since mid-october with the "couldnt load lyrics for this song" or "hmm. we dont have lyrics for this song" note when you click lyrics on the laptop or scroll down to see the lyrics on your phone. i know. i dont have premium and im literally hanging by a thread cuz i dont have any money and i wanna expand my music taste so i dont feel like a poser anymore, but the thing is, not only are spotify lyrics a feature for premium now, but you cant have your albums/playlists in order and theres ads every like two songs. the shuffle thing is optional for your desktop but not on your phone. plus, when you look at albums you literally cant see the song list (if you know what im on about) unless you have premium. honestly i understand the entire money thing to get more subscribers on the streaming platform, but this is too far and i dont think theres anything we can do about it.

Sadly, I think you're right, and am currently hoping that one of two things happen. 1. Spotify somehow pulls itself out of the grave it has been digging these past few years. 2. A new music platform somehow takes the world by storm and pays its creators more while also providing better quality than their competitors. 

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