Lyrics feature disappeared


I had the lyrics feature a couple days ago and when I had opened the app today I had seen that it was gone and was wondering when it would be back? Or if it’s just something that’s disappeared from my account only.

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I’m having the same issue 😩


The same thing happened to me.  I was enjoying the lyrics a lot.  It was one of my favorite features actually.  Then a couple weeks into my new subscription, it disappeared.  No more lyrics for any songs at all.  Very disappointing.


I'm having the same problem 😞


Same thing happened to me. I am unable to view lyrics after signing-up for premium. I can view song lyrics from my library but after going on premium, the same song from library does not have option now to view lyrics. I am upset, very much upset. I even thinking on requesting for a refund. Luckily, I only signed up for 1 week. I will give you update if I can view lyrics again once my subscription expires. 


I just got lyrics today, but there aren’t lyrics for every song. but it seems like you had lyrics on a dong and now they are gone?

Yes I had them over a year ago and they stayed for a couple of months then disappeared. I think every Spotify user has lyrics now cause they came back. Most songs have lyrics just the newer ones don’t based of what I listen to.


yeah im having the same problem..


Reboot it once and if still showing issue, take it to the service center


same i wanna cry😭

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