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Master Thesis | Experience of Music


Master Thesis | Experience of Music

Hello all!


My name is Richard and I am working on my master thesis in product design. I would like to bring new experiences to how we listen to and enjoy music, and therefore would appreciate your opinions on it 🙂


I have just one question.

What is important to you when you listen to music and why?


looking forward to your interesting thoughts.


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Oh that's such a good (broad!) question 😄


When I listen to music, I care about

good quality audio! (I have good headphones and want to feel all the nuances)

the ease of finding and queuing music for playback (no pauses while I search for the next album; good searching/filtering options)

ease of using the interface - keyboard shortcuts are a must for me.


I don't really know if there's anything else I care about as much - I am rather minimal at the usage of features...


I did have to look for another media player at the advent of moving over to Ubuntu because Foobar is not native to this OS, and my requirements for the new local media player were: tree-view of my files, or at least music listed based on my folder hierarchy; keyboard commands, including the global ones; functional scrobbling, lightweight program.

It was surprisingly difficult finding something that didn't cut corners in any of the above. : )


If the interface collaborates with me, it becomes transparent and all that's left is the love of music.

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Hey @RichP23


Hope I can help with my opinion. 


As @Sebasty mentioned, the good sound quality is of a great importance. We live in a world where technology is well developed and we have a lot of devices at our disposal that can produce excellent sound allowing us to listen not only to the foreground, but also to details and nuances. This would increase the excitement you get from the listening experience.   


Second thing, I love apps and tools that allow me to organize my music collection by means of anything you want - sorting, filtering, library feature and so on. My listening habits are a bit old-school and I look through the prism of artist - album - genre - similar artists when perceiving music. I don't really listen to playlists based on a genre or something similar (except for the This is playlists on Spotify, which are based on an artist). 


And another thing I like with services like Spotify and YouTube - features that provide you with an endless mix of similar songs. You just start the music and it never ends. This is Autoplay on Spotify and YouTube's auto-play button. 


Hope my thoughts on this topic will help your master thesis and I wish you lots of luck with your academic endeavors! 

An interesting and broad topic that can be approached from so many angles!


Much like others said, sound quality matters to me. I like good reproduction from a good master. Far too many classic recordings are only available as disfigured victims of the Loudness War even though better masters exist.


Next comes content arrangement. I grew up with vinyl records and, later, CDs. I think in terms of albums as self-contained musical entities. I really don't like those extended editions with bonus tracks, often live, random or just a number of different takes/mixes of songs. I am okay with bonus tracks if they've become established in some way. An acceptable example could be "Synchronicity" by The Police which includes "Murder by Numbers" on the CD that didn't fit on the LP. I also don't like when the original version of a song is replaced with a different cut or take.


Next comes presentation. I like to connect with the recording on a physical level. I still remember what it felt like to study the details of an LP cover or browsing the CD booklet. I can't have that in streaming services but the next best thing would be at least that visual and textual part of the album: high-resolution cover image, the back cover, inner sleeve contents, lyrics, detailed liner notes, etc. Some of that can be found elsewhere (Discogs etc.) but it is a disconnected experience. I also don't like titles polluted by stuff like "[Remastered 2015]".


Good luck with your research!

that's what I need, thanks!

@toddcon Can you explain your point better? I don't understand what exactly it is that you're looking for...

First of all, all the best for your master thesis!


Here's what I would love when I listen to music:
1) Music for different moods but with a touch of personalisation - like choosing new artists or familiar tunes (choosing music)
2) Next would be something like interactive lyrics, like on Genius music, I love to know the story behind songs, I think it adds a ton of depth to the music and the song in general
3) Another great feature would be toning the music down a bit automatically especially when it gets extremely loud all of a sudden (to prevent ear damage) or conversely, automatically bumping the music up about a bit when it gets too low to make out what's going on.


Hope this helps! 
Please let me know what you think of my suggestions

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