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My new Toshiba laptop :)


My new Toshiba laptop :)

Hey there.


Got new laptop as replace for old. The old Acer laptop is 2 years and 6 months old, still works, but screen have some problems. After hour or two of use, it starts to show some strikes on up of screen. And text keeps showing on screen, even if I'm on video (burning into screen). New laptop, I love it so far. SSD, fast enough, Spotify works. A stylish item and fits my need.


It's great powerfull model:


  • AMD A8-6410 Quad-Core (x4 Processor), 2.0 GHz
  • 15.6" HD Ready screen
  • 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

It's really nice. Also Spotify here. Great app with punch 320 kbps sounds. Now I'm listening music on the laptop, on battery, which lasts for hours of my usage... I can listen on every place at home with enjoy. And to charger when needed. Five hours of battery at 50% of screen brightness easily at simple usage (surfing and music and some video). The SSD is bargain, Windows 8.1 opens after pressing On button in 10 seconds!!! And shut off is even faster... Really great piece for money, 699 €, but offer 499 €.




The TV I don't really miss, as I can watch stuff on laptop.


Thanks for your time.


By the way, I'm not even going to get headphones for this anytime soon. As my phojne earphones, Sennheiser for Android 50 € - stunning sound and great bass. So loud. No need for another pair, I'm sorry. Sennheiser the best. I use same piece of earphones on laptop and smartphone. I love Spotify app on laptop, but this really needs some stuff to be improved. Seriously no search on playlist? And how to minimize items down in sidebar?

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Hoping it serves you well 👍🏻

I hope too, thanks.


On Linux you really can't do a thing. Windows 8.1 is odd, really, bot now I think I'm into it.


The shopguy said it will be possible ot upgrade it for free to next Windows, I will receive update notification and before that a option to sign in update queue. And I did that at install process.

I have removed now all bloatware from laptop, CCleaner run and some more stuff: installed Libre Office, Free Avast, Mozilla Firefox - Spotify was preinstalled. And now this is even better - really simple and fast.


I also removed Ethernet completely, as I don't want to be locked at one place. It's not cool to use laptop on divan sofa. So tired after hour of sitting in uncool position. Wifi speed loss is almost 50%. 95 Mbps I get from 100 Mbps at Ethernet and on Wifi in laptop I get at max 50 Mbps. It's only for end this year this way, then I will slow down my connection anyway as for one person and laptop/smartphone it's way too much of speed for 40 €. With 27€ I can get the same 10M/10M and it will be more than enough. Now I have 100M/10M.


I'm also considering about 50M/10M option for 32.90 €, but I will see what I do. I download now test file 10GB and it loads 30-40 Mbps and sometimes even as fast as 50 Mbps. It depends on server also, but ebven on Google, which works on Ethernet at 95 Mbps, it is on Wifi nothing more than 51 Mbps.


It's also 10GB of 1,100 Offlined tracks, I tested it now. So on trips 32GB card should be enough for my phone. I'm going to one soon 🙂

It's now in shop waiting to be sent for repair. Boots without picture now. Only after some retry it boots normally. I'm now on smartphone for 2 weeks. I contacted Toshiba specialist after my Windows clean reinstall with no help, he said it is hardware problem 100%. Bios is updated.

Since 31.07. they are looking into issue, troubleshooting, hopefully fixed and back to shop this week. Read other reviews at shoppage, some have same problems with turning on problems.

congrats to you. iam also envious because iam still using an 8 year old pc. i cant even get win10 lol!. have fun with it mate


Yes. If I manage t get it back. Still in repair service.


I'm mad because it is so slow to do stuff on smartphone. I need back my laptop fixed... Hopefully friday or next monday when 2 weeks done.


I saw it on shop page, some have similar problems with this model - so if this is feature, after 3rd repair with no results I wil get chance to get different model/mark. Still I hope they fix it clearly, as it worked fine month and then starting problems occured.

Hi. Monday 2 weeks. Still in repair. I need my stuff asap. Tired to do stuff on smartphone all the time. Long time to go... Hopefully fix is proper. Otherwise again to repair... And after 3rd ability to replace with another manufacturer pc.

Still in repair...



Today is the day when I can proudly announce laptop is more in repair service than in use since purchase.


Now for full 4 weeks in repair service and still no news!!


That's really uncool and driving me crazy.

Well from this thread I know not to buy a Toshiba laptop now. Sounds like they make junk?



Today shop messaged me: due to component order, fix is long, they estimate to receive and fix stuff this week.


It is uncool even to have so new laptop in repair so fast... hopefully fix will lasts forever.



My laptop is fixed 27th this month and it will be back in shop for pick-up this week. Yay!



Mine took six weeks to get fixed when it went wrong. Laptops generally arent renowned for their reliability though. I used to work for a carrier and some folk had a nighmare with them, Some sent back five or six times for repairs. I would have given up by then and taken my money back. 

I will see, >I hope it is fixed for last.


It is great piece with SSD and everything in.

My daughter had hers repaired at the local computer store in only a few days being a much faster service than what a manufacturer could offer. Goes to show it pays to give the smaller guy a chance . SSD's are better than the old clunky HD's of yesteryear. My last two devices have had SSD and both run nicely. No looking back.

Hi there.


My laptop arrived, it is fixed!!! Boots from first try. They said they changed memory and power button. Now it is perfect!


I'm so happy as I can use Spotify app with 320 kbps sound. Music is really better.


Thanks everyone. I'm so happy now.



Yes, SSD are fast and I'm not looking back for normal HDD drive. It is so fast, even 10 seconds or less for on and off. So it boots and closes fast. Now I'm installing free Windows 10 update. It will be soon like new guy in my house!


I'm so excited!

After fix it still works, so fix was made right. Even Blue Screen issues went away.


I have scheduled my cable modem 100M to end in 2 months, first possible date and it will be done. I have no need for 100M cable modem internet. My internet usage is low. My mobile 1M/0.5M speed serves my needs well enough for 10 € month and it is Unlimited. I have already oflfined all my devices with Spotify music, laptop and smartphone. So full speed for other stuff, pictures and videos from me and my friends also on place in hard drive. So my internet needs are low. Hangouts, random YouTube 480P also works - so this speed is well enough to make me happy. Why to pay 40 € for 100M connection?






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