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My wrapped 2017


My wrapped 2017

Isn't there gonna be a wrapped 2017 playlist made personally for you This year? When is it coming out?

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Be careful of phony links to your "2017 Wrapped" - there is one that asks for your Google log-in information that appears to be fake. Spotify has not addressed the non-legitimate year-end features being pushed in anticipation for the real thing. I hope that they finally give us our playlists before 1) People have their personal information compromised and 2) Before holiday music pervades our Top 100 Songs of 2017 😃

It looks like they're definitely bringing back the stats, not sure how in depth they will be, but the personalized stats are coming. However I just looked on twitter, and Spotify cares is saying they don't have any information or updates on the top 100 most played songs playlist at the moment..which is kind of odd considering they're confirming that the rest of the stats will be here soon. 


The lack of a "Year in Music" last year compelled me to join The service is great but it is not an adequate replacement or alternative to the individual statistics Spotify used to provide. Above all, I cherish these year-end playlists more than anything. I hoped that the first @SpotifyCares Tweet implied a Top 100 playlist coming in the near-future, but these newer responses scare me. If they let down users once again, or even worse, do not provide these playlists - then I am sure the only holiday greetings Spotify will recieve will be expletive-ridden. Concrete answers from them would help big-time. I know A LOT of people whose Top 100 playlists become the fodder of constructive musical criticism, cherished memories, and jovial arguments throughout the year. I hope that 2017 will continue this newfound tradition.

These new responses worry me too. But i still have hope that there will be more information and we will finally get our year-end stats and playlists. In the meantime, to move away from all the fear and panic, is there anyone who would like to post their year-end stats and playlists from previous years? 

That's a fraud web, I mean, Spotify don't have conexion with Google (Only with Facebook), so there's no reason to ask for its user and password. So, I recommend to change your google passwords right now to prevent hacking. 


On the other hand, I ask to Spotify about our playlist via Twitter, attached my ss. So, we have to wait, the last year I got my playlist on december 11 😞


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Great idea to post our previous lists and stats! My playlist last year was all over the place. Goes from indie rock to jazz to punk to dream pop and eveything in between 😃

This is my top songs 2016, hope you enjoy it the way I do.

Here's my top songs 2016 playlist here. Ignore the Mellanie Martinez songs if you want to.

Cool idea. 

My 2016 was all over the place. R&B to house to industrial to hip hop. I also got a lot of songs about wolves in there because I made an entire wolf playlist last year. Just for the **bleep** of it. That led to me listening to it a lot. So it’s all there.


I loved the personalized wrapped playlists, but they seem to have taken it off. I was looking forward to it also.

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GUYS THE PLAYLIST IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW YOU JUST HAVE TO SIGN IN ON AND SIGN IN WITH YOUR SPOTIFY ACCOUNT. Yes it might look like a scam but the playlist I got was from spotify themself


My wrapped 2017

so is legit? It ask me to log in with spotify, why should something from spotify ask me to log in while I'm already loged into their service?

Go to discover then genres and themes and then year in music and then you scroll down

Well, looks like it's here! I don't know why spotify likes to play with our emotions like that haha. They have the top songs, and something called "the ones that got away", which features songs that "you wish you would've discovered earlier in the year". All of this is right on the front page when I look at my spotify account.  It's also in the "2017 wrapped" section with all the rest of the playlists.


As for the stats, I dont wanna sound ungrateful as  they've improved but Ive gotta admit it's still not as in depth as 2015.


Edit: I'm looking at the #2017Wrapped on Twitter, and it looks like I'm missing one of the pages in the stats? Making me wonder how many others I don't have. The one I'm missing shows how many songs we've skipped? 



I somehow can't get any data out of the page. It just says "we do not have enough data about your music preferences to provide you the full experience" All other years in music have worked fine for me. What could be the problem?

I have the same problem, it says I don't have enough data. I listen  to Spotify everyday for hours so this is really weird!

When i login it redirects me back to the login page Pls help


Same problem for me, I can't have my 2017 wrapped "not enough data". It's weird because I use spotify every day from so many years, do you have a solution ?

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