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Playlist Regs


Playlist Regs

Looking for past users


57 Replies

22 views and no replies. Are ya scared?

Heyyy jay doubt anyone else is here but whatever Im here so hiii dork 😛

Hello weirdo 😜

Haa-you know I ain't scared-a-nothin!!!---Hey there Jbird and Anx. Where is the rest of the gang?

I've sent Pooch several messages but no answer yet. Contact who you can. I think ima make this my new home 🙂

Okay okay I got enought playlist people bugging me to join this site that I *finally* gave in.
Thanks JayBird and Mourghana.
I have NO playlists set up yet but will be bugging other playlisters to join also.
I need to explore this site now.

I just got on the community site (this is mourghana), but I signed in as Yarn Vixen, fyi. 😉

YEAH!!!!!! It's good to see ya both! 😄

That makes 5 of us now... I so happy 🙂

Well look who's here!

yarn vixen



Yarn Vixen will you knit me one of these? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to our little community. Look forward to sharing some playlists with you. 


I might even get the ball rolling. I've made a little playlist featuring songs that have been (or probably should be) the soundtrack to someone up to no good. Any other recommendations would be lovely. 



Airhorn Enthusiast

@PÒÓCH wrote:

Well look who's here!

About GD time Poochie!

Sorry, was busy finding a cure for cancer. 

Any luck?

Hey Hey Poochie!!Good to see ya here. I was going to try the hypster but it seems not so user friendly...or maybe I am just unmotivated these days....So Jay I downloaded spotify to start making some playlists but seems my laptop is lagging....its probably my crappy old laptop but I took it off and it stopped lagging...did you have this problem at all. I dunno if I'll build a list if I have to download it..maybe I'll try it again.

As old as my laptop is I didn't have much trouble. It runs great if nothing else is running lol. Try a disk cleanup and defrag

Haya Lovely Miss Begonia, been trying to find something similar to the old Playlist and Mixpod format but nothing seems to compare. Hypster recently changed and now they don't allow personal messages and also removed their wall. What's going on with these places?  Crazy ! 

Hey people come join me......

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