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Price Increase AGAIN???


Price Increase AGAIN???

Do not understand how we are getting the same product but yet ANOTHER price increase just NEEDS to happen??? Would very much appreciate an actual breakdown of WHY and how this increase will be utilized instead of the excuse of “best experience” blah blah blah we are sent in the email. Tell me the reason you need more money from us and then maybe I won’t be so insanely frustrated.

29 Replies

Price increase is mostly for card payments.


If applicable, you can still get Spotify card (Gift cards) at old price €10 or $10 month. You get 6 months at once, then grab another card 6 months, and maybe third card as well. Redeem and you'll have 18 month of Premium on your account €180. There is still no increase in Gift cards, so I get basically 2 months free when buying one year in advanced. Recommended, as you can have 18 months redeemed.


I get my Gift cards from local store R-kioski or Prisma store paying with collected and deposited tin cans from the street.

I have been with this service since it was free and ad supported. I had no problems in the early stages paying for the family plan because I enjoy the service. With this latest increase I am really thinking about no longer keeping the premium and I have used this for 13 years. There really should be some kind of loyalty program for the people who have been around before they became popular. At least send out an email with a free month or something to show some kind of appreciation.

I am going to have to go to another service because the price increase is stupid. Do you really think operating cost has gone up? I work in the industry and actually operating cost has been down. I think Spotify just wants more money. Guess they can get it from somebody  else.

You've added no value but continue to increase prices. Stop this insanity.

Spotify speaks the generic corporate speak of innovation blah blah blah.  For YEARS they claim to be “looking” to add hi resolution audio.  Anyone seen that happen yet?



How about podcasts, audiobooks, features (like lyrics where nobody cared until they were taken away from free accounts), and so much more. I’m sure you’re zeroed in on the things you think are bad so it’s nonsense in trying to illustrate this, so how about this: Have a good day.

Not sure why you want to suck up to big corporate Spotify so badly 🤔 As we can see with the comments above, this is a pretty fair complaint. None of those features you mentioned are new and would be the reason for a price hike at the moment. (Or if they were would it kill Spotify to actually say that, which is half of the reason I’m mad- there’s no transparency behind these price hikes) Plus I’m sure if people could choose to not have audiobooks, for example,  to have a lower price Spotify they would! Idk about others but Spotify has always been exclusively music for me and I don’t need all the other features that’s not what I have a music streaming service for. They obviously don’t care about their customer base just like all the other big corporations ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

The vague "continue to invest in and innovate" is a worthless reason for charging more. How about you offer a real reason why you are charging more, maybe a road map or planned features. Or maybe just be honest and say the CEO wants a new house.

Hey Spotify is Evil Person,


It has less to do with “sucking up” to Spotify, and more to do with pointing out that you have birds nesting in between your ears. You know, where something else should be that helps create coherent thoughts. 

Spotify is a business. They have shareholders. Those people want to make money on their investment. The features I mentioned may not be new but they certainly weren’t free to provide. 

Also, this is a subscription. Subscription services almost always has price increases over time (in the case of Spotify $2 over 13 years). And they don’t need to list out the things they are doing for you so you can bemoan them and disagree further with their aptitude as a service. 

You’re the customer. Adjust your expectations, and spend your money in ways you deem appropriate. 

it's been a while that i'm paying spotify (since 2016 to be correct) and i don't see any improvement:

- UI on desktop devices is really poor

- we're trying to ask lossless quality FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS

- Canvas is still not available on other devices than mobiles

- Car Thing is discontinued

- recent features are completely useless (come on, let me tell that someone are really using Jam mode)

and many more...


But, there is a new feature: price is increased in Autumn 2023. 

So, my idea is: 

- Try so stop fooling people and add real asked features from community or close entirely this domain ( , because is a joke. 


To be Clear, i'll close my family account at the end of the year to switch to apple music if i don't see any improvement, xoxo. 




You drive a hard bargain, Sir. Ok, deal. You’ll get your demands, but only because you’re so special to everyone. 

i know mate, my topic sounds like a ridicolus complain, but wait and think for a moment: spotify really listen the community? i don't think so. So, thinking as corporate employee for the money is better to close the entire domain and not waste this money only to say"we've a community website, we're listening! (lol)", also because maintain domain, mods, IT support, datacenters only for a troll, is a lot of money. 


P.s i was not complaining about the price but i was complaining about the features, so merging my thread to this one is not correct. 

The price increase is stupid. I will be actively looking for a replacement to Spotify. I don't care about the extra content that I can get on other platforms for no cost. This sucks! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I spoke to 2 different agents via chat and neither could provide me specifics on what is being enhanced or innovated in the actual application with the price increase. Either admit you're raising prices to increase take home pay for top management or actually provide your agents with the proper knowledge on what is being "enhanced". If Spotify is raising prices with no specific direction in mind it makes me concerned for the company.

I just got an email from Spotify saying their premium price increased so they can “continue to invest in and innovate on [their] product offerings and features” with no mention of paying artists for the music that makes Spotify possible. 

The money needs to go to artists if they're going to increase the price. But apparently the CEO thinks it's nearly free for artists to create content because he is an out of touch billionaire 



Why would Spotify ever, EVER feel obligated to tell your what's in their queue. Not only is this confidential information, but what do you think would happen if they told you pseudo-know-it-alls? Correct, an onslaught of half-baked criticism. 


Also, to those thinking that Spotify screws artists: where are you founding this stance? Spotify can pay less to artists because they stream more of their music than other platforms. It's about volume. 


And before you jump into the local artists argument, they have done more to increase their exposure than ever by introducing an ad platform for them which everyone just whines about because everyone hates ads. 


I am anticipating your regurgitation of Daniel Ek's comments on social media, so don't bother. It was a poor way of stating his intended message- which was that he wanted to encourage and simplify the way artists can get their music onto the platform. Bad words, I agree.


This misplaced outrage with no effort to understand what's actually happening from a business angle is ridiculous. 


Educate yourselves. There has never been more information available to you- and make sure you don't get it from forums with other geniuses looking to throw shade on something they have no idea about. 



Agreed.  And I just LOVE the email they sent.  "The price of your [plan] will soon be increasing."  How much?  WHEN?  The web site does give the price, but not the date.  Then you go to find out what's included in Basic and you CAN'T.  There is no 'Learn more' button on That One Plan.  I had to go to someone else's site to learn what Basic includes!  Hey, management!  Deliberately missing information is never a good look.  Less info on one specific item.. REALLY looks bad.

i agree.  I just got a message today with no details.  Bad form to not be transparent. It does not inspire continued loyalty and degrades trust from this long-time premium user.  

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