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Quick Survey for Spotify Users!


Quick Survey for Spotify Users!

Dear Community!

Sorry to bother you again, but unfortunately, we did not receive as many participants in our survey as we had hoped, so we’re trying our luck once more. We really need your opinion so please please please help us out – it should only take 3-5 minutes of your time. 🙏🏼 You can click on this link to participate: 


Thank you so much, we really appreciate your help!


All the best,

Kristín and Maike

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Thank you to those who participate, we truly appreciate every single one of you! 💚 The responses so far have given us a little insight into what makes this community so successful - so please please keep them coming 🙏 
p.s. If the community or the mods are interested in the results of our research we'd be happy to share them with you! 


I answered to your survey. Good luck with your project!

Thank you so much LawryPopson! Helps us out so much 💚

The app is trash for people who actually want a working MUSIC APP ONLY (no social media features, no podcasts, ability to make entire account private, etc.)

Everything about it is invasive and intrusive.

Music is an escape for many people and the moment I open this app I am in **bleep** because it doesn't work and pushes ads/"promoted" content.

Also, bringing back payola and not paying artists who built the entire thing is not a good look.

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