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Remember when Joni Mitchell did blackface?

Remember when Joni Mitchell did blackface?

Joni Mitchell appearing at a Halloween party in 1976...FKPaQ0hX0AELVbS.jpg_92123369_edd2e5e9-e982-46ea-84f9-e24e170b50d4.jpg

It wasn't just a one-time thing either... it was a "character" she did over the years.. even on the cover of an album...



She often said things like..

"I don't have the soul of a white woman," she once told LA Weekly. "I write like a black poet. I frequently write from a black perspective " - as if "blackness" was just a performance.


She claimed that her music was 'black' and that it should be played on black stations.


She was a race fetishist... mostly likely because she was a boring folk singer and performative blackness was the edgiest thing she could conceive of.


Funny how the washed-up Canadians are looking for one more day in the spotlight. Well, Joni, this note's for you.

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Your argument is right out of the MAGA cult's handbook. Don't address the criticism that Joe Rogan was supportively, and not intellectually challenging, medical misinformation.

Instead, turn your spotlight to other topics, like black face, Dr. Seuss, or green M&Ms (straight from Faux News). Then make a ridiculous argument that since Einstein was intellectually challenged by his peers then Joe Rogan has the right to support a right wing quack making unsubstantiated medical clams that endanger public health.

If Rogan really wanted to debate the issue and inform the public, he would have the doctor making false medical claims appear side-by-side with a CDC or NIH representative who could intelligently challenge the "doctor"'s claims. This is the kind of intellectual debate I could support.

Here is an article about the "doctor" that Joe Rogan interviewed:

More information:

Since you brought up Joe Rogan, I'll just say, we have the right to free speech. You have the right to be offended by that free speech. You may even have the right to bully people engaging in free speech, to a point. But, you sound like the sort of person that is easily triggered when you assume a post about Joni Mitchell cannot stand on its own without really being about Joe Rogan and the "MAGA cult" though no mention was made of him or MAGA. Joni has made herself part of our Spotify current events, and it has put her back under scrutiny regardless of Joe Rogan. That all said, let's actually answer the original post...

Do I think Joni Mitchell should be cancelled because she did blackface back in the 80's? No, maybe not. It offends me, yes. I find it offensive that she made a character out of someone she met. If she did that to you; made a "sleazy" character (her words) out of you, would you not find that offensive?

Very troubling, and worth the conversation, since she's back in the news. I appreciate the post. Thank you!

Sadly, far too many companies who should know better are caving to a rabid, primitive class who scream loudly out of fear and ignorance.  One solution is that the saner among us need to start organizing and mobilizing and pressuring these same companies, and being louder than the fascist cancel culture mob.    It is true that the public is getting very tired of the disingenuous lies and tactics of the Left and of the "rules for thee but not for me" stance that they take, but that tiredness and disgust has to be turned into action or else the fascists will continue to win battle after battle. 


Remember Newton's third law of physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Well in order to neutralize the forces on the first action, we must not only meet, but also increase the force of the reaction.   It is possible, we just need the will to do it and the understanding of what is at stake here.



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