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Save shuffle order?


Save shuffle order?

Hi dear fellows!


I am currently working on a playlist that is shared and getting increasing. The situation is I’m wondering to find out a way to save its current status. The list is being played and it’s in the middle, but I want to restart it from the point I’ve stopped, also considering the same queue predicted (from shuffle mode).


Is there a way to save a kind of snapshot in a way that permits me to restart from the last pause? I don’t want to restart the sequence, otherwise some musics can never be played at all.


Thanks in advance,

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Yes, please spotify fix this

I do this from the Spotify windows app. Randomize a playlist, save the first track in new playlist, open the queue, select all other tracks in queue, right click, add to newly created playlist. It would be useful to do it from the mobile app though....

Yes, I need to be able to save my shuffle list into a playlist, including all the previous song that I listened

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