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Senior Citizen Discount


Senior Citizen Discount

I have posted this request previously. It is so wonderful to have such an array of music available to us older listeners, particularly from the swing and big band era. And then the 60's and 70's for the baby boomers. I am now 62, and do not look at televiosion at all. I listen to Spotify all of the time and have been teaching those 55 and over in my community how to get the best of the best by building their own playlists for hours of enjoyment. Seniors are on a fixed income and often do not explore their options for lack of funds. The free Spotify is wonderful, and most cannot believe it. They then look at other options, and at a lower monthly fee can then start exploring the other wonderful offerings of this tool. A discount would be a God send.

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I agree! This is a wonderful idea and its good to read that there are people like yourself out there helping others to get the best out off their music apps... particularly the older gen that find it hard to use even a smartphone. Keep up the great work doubledeck and oneday your hardwork will pay off Smiley Happy

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+1 Michael Agrees 

I agree, I would also be grateful for any small discount, as we get at eg the cinema, for those of us over 60, who are most probably not going to use anywhere near the amount of data the younger people will. 

I agree.....seniors are often on just as much a restricted income as college students.

All for this. We get discounts on bus/trains in the UK (as do students). To keep on listening to music would be a big thing without the ads. Please reconsider a senior discount. Thanks!

Since being forced into becoming a senior, I’ve noticed how much more my Medical costs in particular medication. 

Growing up in ’70-’80s, it was the beginning of the tech boom. A lot of us continue to stay current with technology!  We’re just forced out of the market with risking costs.  It's a delicate financial balance for most of us.  Any discounts help more than you may think. 
Thanks- Allen

I am not a senior, but I have found a way to get discount from Spotify.


100% off when you use FREE service ad supported. I had at first 3 mo Free offer by Samsung, but canceled it after 3 paid month, so got Spotify for 6 month 50 % off. After a month, I hear ad on service to go Premium for 3 months at the cost of one. I immediately buy and cancel it, so here comes summer with ad free Premium music. Then back to 100 % off.

Even this 10,99 for 3mo is free.

Just walked around and found bottles, which I deposited at the next shop, and got 12,55, which covered also free coca cola and chocolate bar. You can get Spotify at great discount, you just need to look around at what options there is.

I, too, would love to see a senior discount! It doesn't make sense to me that this is an issue. Why offer a discount to students and not to seniors? Please change this policy.

Please! A senior discount (we are over 70) would help keep the music on. 

Hi, I think that Spotify is a great invention, especially for old people, it wasn't easy at the beginning how to use it...But as a Senior Citizen some times it is too hard to make monthly payments. As far as I know, Spotify can give us a hand whit discount, I am 67 years old....please show some respect by helping old people, please contact me >**bleep**...Thanks

This post is from 2015! How can there not have been any changes to this is 8 years! Seniors grew up in the ‘modern’ music era….we were the ones who bought music and enabled the music industry to flourish. Would be nice still be considered a valid demographic for sites like this. It’s seems to work in other parts of society to include us as a viable market, why not here.

I too as are millions of subscribers a Senior Citizen whose sole income is Social Security.. A dicount would go along way and I would like to know why students get discounts but not Senior Citizens ? Thanks for hearing me out.

Exactly, we like music but not a that price, ##- Please type your reply
above this line -##

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