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Software for Cover Artwork


Software for Cover Artwork


Producers, what program do you use to design Cover Artwork? I'm looking to learn one or two programs as I like to be as self sufficient as possible however I am new to graphic design so ideally am looking for a program which isn't too difficult to learn.


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@ Legit_Wizard
I would suggest photoshop... but many people find it difficult to learn.
Instead give picmonkey a try

PicsArt and Adobe photoshop are both good, free, and easy-to-use editing softwares that may fit your needs. 

I often use PicsArt for intensive photo editing, then use Lightroom to correct color effects. These are two very good photo editing apps

Lightroom offers color correction and noise reduction. You must try lightroom for your cover artwork.

if you want to start out as a beginner i would suggest Pixlr X and then when you get the hang of it you can go for more complex level which is Pixlr E


this is what i made (Note:if you click on the image to view it and zoom in on the last pictures the little pictures are detailed Sorry about the overlay picture You can check it out on another one of my post here)

Final background part 2 .jpg


This will work for you. Actually you do nothing and this tool makes an amazing album art or playlist cover for free.

If you are unhappy with pictures, you can download your own or one from Unsplash.

I did this artwork in less than a minute using quote maker.



So I'm just curious what the layer for the image looks like. 


like when i made my spotify care emoji on pixlr E

sorry about the line mess up, but i managed to fix it



Screenshot 2023-03-15 11.50.06 AM.png

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