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Software for Cover Artwork

Software for Cover Artwork


Producers, what program do you use to design Cover Artwork? I'm looking to learn one or two programs as I like to be as self sufficient as possible however I am new to graphic design so ideally am looking for a program which isn't too difficult to learn.


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@ Legit_Wizard
I would suggest photoshop... but many people find it difficult to learn.
Instead give picmonkey a try

PicsArt and Adobe photoshop are both good, free, and easy-to-use editing softwares that may fit your needs. 

I often use PicsArt for intensive photo editing, then use Lightroom to correct color effects. These are two very good photo editing apps


As a newbie you should start with the Adobe software's like Photoshop and Lightroom. I would personally recommend you to go with the Lightroom. It is very easy to learn and self sufficient.

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