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Hey there guys I was thinking about doing a Spotify competition.

So here's how it will work:

Your post your Spotify username and profile picture

then you will ask to be liked and followed on your Spotify Account.

Then on the 5th July 2024 you will send in a screen shot of your followers and whoever has the most Followers is rated greatest of them all and everyone has to subscribe to the winner's account.

By posting your info your are agreeing to all T&C's see above.

8 Replies

No. Not only is following to get followers not allowed in the Spotify Community, it's ridiculous. Sharing playlists is for the purpose of sharing music and themes. It's not for clout or boosting egos, based on numbers. If you want to make a game, you should make one that's based on music or playlists. Examples are naming a theme for people to make the best playlist for, Trivia, and posting songs with a word that goes with the last word (to make sentences).

Follow me

I apologize if there was a misunderstanding, but I kindly ask that we maintain a respectful tone in our communication. I agree with your suggestion and believe that collaborating on a Spotify music game could be beneficial for both of us. Thank you for considering this opportunity.



Hey it would be great though if the two of us followed each other so it would be easier to collab

I wasn't being disrespectful to you. I just made a statement, about the idea, while also informing you that there's a rule against it. I can't stand those types of posts. They take up space, spacing out posts with real content. It's a shallow thing. That's why I suggested the other ideas. There's a difference in criticizing you and criticizing what you state. You're welcome, though. Sure. We can follow each in the community, to make it easier to communicate and collaborate on games. I'm not not on here to much, though. I will probably see an e-mail message, showing that you replied or sent a message on my community profile, so I'll jump on, when I can. I suggest searching the words, "game" and "trivia" in the community, first. See how those work. You might see my games, too.

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Thank you for understanding. I'm sorry that I have not been able to reply as you I'm not on here often. Hopefully we'll be able to set up a meeting date and time via E-mail so it will be easier to collaborate and share ideas


That works. I just replied to your message.

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are you on the website now:)

If you are check your emails. I think I'm on here till about 18:30. If I come off sooner or later I will inform you immediately

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