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Spotify widget gone?


Spotify widget gone?

  • I just noticed that the Spotify widget has disappeared from my homescreen.  I thought I had removed it by accident, but when I checked the widgets, I noticed that it has disappeared there as well. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it just me?
89 Replies

I'd love to get my widget back. Otherwise, going to switch to deezer or play music.

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And it's back right now, and horizontally resizeable.


Spotify v8.5.22.734 - get it now.


Awesome. Thanks! 🙂

Hooray, I am now complete! Thank you Spotify.

I dont see it on the Samsung wearable app store 

And now, if everyone who voted to get the widget back would also vote to be able to change username (without creating a new account and potentially losing your playlists and daily mixes)  perhaps Spotify would actually be a best in class app.  Please? 🙂

this is awesome news! I wish I'd found out six weeks ago, but it's time to celebrate nonetheless 🙂 thank you, Spotify, for being grown up like that.

Fantastic Spotify.

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