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The Algorithm Desperately Needs Updated


The Algorithm Desperately Needs Updated

Like a lot of folks, I have a very wide array of music tastes. My main playlists lately are 60's and 70's focused - think Marvin Gaye, America, Fleetwood, Bill Withers, Elton John, etc.  As well as rap/hip hop while i'm working out. And just about every music genre in between for day-to-day listening. 


The issue i'm running into lately is that all of my playlists are littered with the exact same songs. It's a rotation of about 20-25 songs that live in almost every single playlist available to me in Spotify.


For example, I wanted a mixup of my listening during work hours, so I put on John Mayer Radio. What do I find? More than half of the playlist are songs I have saved on my 60's-70's playlist. Why is Bill Withers, Gil-Scot Herron, Etta James on John Mayer Radio? It's making me dislike songs that I love because i can't escape them. 


Spotify - i'm begging you to fix this issue. Play like-artists and like-songs, not just what the algorithm thinks I want to hear constantly. In conjunction with YET ANOTHER price increase, if this issue isn't changed I will, after a decade+, be moving on from Spotify to Apple Music. 


I refuse to pay more money for less quality

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It's the " Made for you " feature causing this. It's completely ruining the app.

This is not meant to be snobby but why rely on the algorithm? No algorithm works perfectly and you’re describing something I think would merit its own playlist you create specifically for a specific function. I think that streaming providers have done themselves and their listeners a disservice by advocating a hands-off approach to the music that ultimately goes through the speakers. It’s touted as magical and so life-enhancing when in reality it’s usually a substandard experience. Same goes to all streaming platform algorithms including other media. 

You are forced to use the algorithm with the made for you feature. There is no option to opt out.

I see. Didn’t know that. 

Yeah that’s a drag. 

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