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The hunt for the missing five


The hunt for the missing five

As you may know, the 500 artists with the most monthly listeners have a badge on their page with their ranking. For example, as I write this post Kanye West is #18.


I've been curating a list of the 500 artists, but five of them are constantly missing. I need your help to finish the hunt!

the missing artists are currently ranked 200, 340, 380, 390, and 439. The ranking may change as time passes, so feel free to guess artists with ranking close to the numbers above.

Let's do it!

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@unicks - I also love seeing where artists rank on Spotify and trying to guess where they are, but my guesses are limited to the top 10 artists. How on earth were you able to find the Top 500?

Re: the remaining, "missing" 5 (again, I don't know how you managed to identify that those were the missing ones: some true sorcery is taking place here...), my fear is that because the monthly listener count differential between artists isn't as great the further you go down the list, artists in that range are moving around a lot, so they're hard to pin down.

Still, I'd be curious to hear how your hunt goes! I have a feeling there's a 3rd-party app out there that can give you a ranking, though not sure it can do up to 500... Good luck!



found the current #200 - hope it's one of your missing five 🤞

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hmm.. i think ed Sheeran is #1.. the weeknd is 2, and justin beiber is 3?

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