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What are you doing right now ?!


What are you doing right now ?!

Hey Guys !

So what are you doing right now ?!
Feel Free to post everything, and let us know what you are doing at this moment. 

- Jordy 

56 Replies

Long workday.. Enjoying some music in my bed #goodlife 


Wow that is a very open question. You might not want to know what I am doing right this minute, might be something nefarious. This thread could end up interesting. >:-)


But aside all I posted above, I am just listening to tunes and wondering how many people in the world have drunk the spiked cool aid, cause there is way too many crazy people today.

What am I doing right now...?


As you can see, I'm writing this message. 😛


Jumping to the beat!


69Rave!rz Remix Edit 😄



Yes yes, go! Jump jump 🙂

I am trying right now!

What are you trying to do?


I'm reading you.

I'm doing pizza in oven/cooker.


Day after I will do 7 kg ham in dat oven/cooker 😉


Christmas time, merry one people!

Eating a cheese sandwhich, and listening to my Amorphis discography playlist, and I really like the Elegy release, and typing this up one handed. Heh

Feet up importing CDs in to itunes at 'apple lossless' quality ready for some quality listening moments whilst multitasking watching 'fireman sam' with my youngest child. 

Listening to everything Spotify has available for Cloudkicker (which might be everything), smoking a cigarette, and typing this post.

Hey there.


Thanks for your question.


I had a lot of time used lately to clean my playlist. Why? I just realised thanks to my friend, I don't need tons of songs, just because I can add them "for 10 € month". He is purchasing best ones and listening others from Spotify Free. So I decided to remove ALL song I'm not very happy with. I had over 2,200 tracks and after days of clean-up it is now 1,331. Now I only accept best ones like this one, It is masterpiece from Andrew Spencer who did only one Handzup / Dancecore track and it is high 10!!!



Main goal now for me not just to have high tens, but quality is increased. So I want to have only best ones. If track is "just okey", It is not good anymore to be a part of my playlist. Also I have OFFLINEd my list on my laptop and smartphone and it taked 48 hours using my 1M mobile network... Now I have whole 1.5Mbps/0.5Mbps of my speed to surfing, online videos sometimes and random little downloads. So I'm prepared to end my cable modem 100M within less than 3 months when the contract ends. I simple realised than when I'm not into series/movies streaming on Netflix or similar anymore, I don't need 100M cable modem for 40 €. I'm hapy with Unlimited mobile 1M on my phone for 9.90 € month. And I can do everything on it, I'm even now on it, just to realise more how enough it is for me.


Thanks for your time, bye!

Drinking a cup of coffee and listening to Pelican.



Recovering from a hernia operation I had yesterday. Sitting chilling for the next four weeks. Got my wife and kids running round after me and seeing to my every need. #thumbsup . Currently listening to some ripped CDs that I put on to itunes and listening to them via VOX. Happy listening everyone

Typing this post and waiting whilst listening to Author & Punisher.

Just listening to music on my bed 😉

Listening to Radiohead and waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.

Building my highway to disco.

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